How to Stay Sane Amid Pandemic?

woman amid pandemic

Do you still remember the day before the first-ever lockdown happened? How about the last day you went outside without wearing that facemask? Perhaps, we all have been wondering what happened. But since the pandemic had hit the country already, the least we can do is to follow the protocol set by the government.

Covid-19 has been overwhelming to all. Imagine the changes that happened instantly. Who would have thought that it will last longer, even today, with no certainties until when this will end? What’s interesting about this pandemic is that despite the negative impact it caused us, we still manage to cope-up with its threat. Slowly, we adapt to the changes and that living the new normal as we call it now has been easier than how we thought of it.

Simple Hacks for Ziplock Bags


According to the Meriam-Webster dictionary, a ziplock is a plastic bag with an interlocking groove that forms a tight seal when pressed together. What I like about it is its affordable and multipurpose packing selection for foodstuffs and non-foodstuff items. This type of ziplock is perfect for private and non-private use.

Women's Swimwear by Lime Ricki

A swimsuit is a garment used for swimming, sunbathing and beauty competitions as costumes. Swimwear has different names such as bathing suit, swimming costume, and swimming trunks (for men).

As for me, wearing a bathing suit in public makes me feel ashamed. Don't get me wrong. I am not used to wearing it. But it is a  prerequisite to follow the proper swimming attire. I doubt it if you like to wear trousers while swimming your hearts out.

3 Effective Online Marketing Tools


The key to optimal performance within any company starts with marketing; you can sell the most outstanding products and deliver the best customer service; if people don’t know about it, your sales won’t justify your work. This aspect that most corporate companies soundly adhere to and have mastered over the years of business experience. Marketing is no longer giant expensive billboards and advertisements on tv. The internet has thrown the marketing industry on its heads. Thanks to platforms like Google, smaller institutions also stand a chance to carry out meaningful marketing campaigns that won’t break budgets. According to statistics, 50% of online sales generated starts with keywords being searched; this means if your website can solve someone’s problem, you most likely made a sale. Let’s look at three practical marketing tools that will boost the sales of just about any company. 

6 Smart Energy-Saving Ideas For Spring

As the cost of electricity continues to rise, it is becoming more and more expensive to keep the lights on. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, a typical family spends approximately 1,400 every year on utilities. Fortunately, there are simple ways to tweak your electricity usage and help cut your energy bill.

Win One Beleeve Scooter of Your Choice

Winner's Choice of BeLeev Scooter Giveaway! 3-Wheel Scooter, kids scooter, kids bike, kids ride, light up wheels, adjustable scooter, scooter for kids

The kids will surely love the prize. It's a scooter giveaway with a colour you prefer if you are the winner. Join and enter this giveaway who knows you'll be the winner. 

How Does Sugar Affects Your Body

Being diabetic or if you want to lose weight, one of the things to avoid is sugar. Too much sugar intake is the primary cause of obesity, blood pressure and other chronic diseases. If you want to know more about how sugar affects your body, check the infographic below.

What Are the Benefits of Switching Your Workout Routine?

Having an exercise routine does not mean you're on the right track. I am talking about first-timers who go out to the gym or those staying at home. It happened to me when I did core exercises. My heart was palpitating that I could hardly breathe. So I stopped, rest and switch to another routine and do it by counting the numbers. If the count for today is 30x, tomorrow will add 10x and so on.

Infographic: First Time Home Buyers Terminology and Mistakes 101

As first time home buyers, there are terminologies, conditions and mistakes that we have to learn. Although our real estate will guide us in this, we should not depend on her too much. We should figure out one or two on our own. Below is an infographic that will guide you through it.

Importance of The Windows and Doors

windows and doors

Having our own house is super exciting. What is the most exciting thing of all? It is the materials and design of the soul of the house. As the saying goes, eyes are the windows of our soul. If that's the case, then the windows are the soul of a home.

Four Ideas in Selling Your House During COVID-19

house for sale

Were we shocked when the news emerged that the United States was in recession. What is a recession, exactly? A recession is a contraction of the business cycle or a general economic downturn triggered by a substantial decrease in consumer spending and other commercial activities. Most experts and politicians will pin the recession on the Covid-19 crisis, but the real writing was on the wall well before Covid-19.

Loverbeauty Waist Trainer

A waist trainer is part of lingerie that shapes your abdomen. It is like a corset in the olden days that is made of thick fabric and hard metal boning. It is worn around the midsection and cinched up with a lacing system, hooks, or Velcro.

The purpose of a waist trainer helps you lose weight while having an exercise. Also, it lessens your cravings to eat more. Nevertheless, it supports women to tighten their muscles in the abdomen area after pregnancy.

Infographic Guide on Healthcare-Associated Infections

These are infections that a person gets while staying at a healthcare facility for a different health condition. It may happen in some, which include hospitals, surgical, renal disease facilities and long-term-care facilities. If you want to know more about this, kindly read the infographic below:

Infographic created by Evergreen Medical Services

How a Heartbreak Will Affect You

Heartbreak breaks a heart to the extreme! It happened to me recently. It makes your heart feel badly hurt and numb after. I think it helps a person to cry than not crying. If you can't shed a tear, it affects your heart badly. I wrote about this experience but did not publish it yet. Perhaps, in time when I finish my tasks.

Below is an infographic of a healthy way to heal after a heartbreak.

Provided by The Infidelity Counseling Center

The World of Blogging


Blogging had recreated my life after I went downhill. I lost my mother from cervical cancer, no job and penniless. I move out of a boarding house to live with my boyfriend, who's now my partner. At that time, he worked in an Internet shop and had given me a computer to use.

Starting A Blog
When I start a blog, I have zero knowledge about it. A friend had guided me into it. 

The Low Effort Guide to Keeping Your Home Clean

Let's be real for a moment, we all love it when our home is tidy, organized, and clean. However, it's all too easy to let life get in the way of those daily cleaning tasks. After all, it can seem like a great deal of hard work to keep your home spick and span, can’t it? The funny thing is that it actually can be relatively easy, if you follow the tips in my post below that is! Keep reading to discover what they are.

Start With the Basics Every Morning
Some tasks need to be done day in and day out. Indeed, they often must be completed before any of the other cleaning tasks can be done. These tasks include things like unloading and loading the dishwasher after breakfast, putting on a load of washing, and making the beds.


Handmade Organic Soaps from Momma and You & Samsons

Decades ago, I used a product with a Goat's milk ingredient for my skin and beauty regimen. I can sense it moisturizes and make my skin soft. Unfortunately, the company stop producing it. Just imagine my feelings when they stop it.

Today, I feel ecstatic knowing that a new skincare brand had emerged with Goat's milk as one of their product ingredients. Yay! 

Momma and You brand products made from natural and organic ingredients. It is for the women, children and even infants who have sensitive skin.

Questions to Ask From an Immigration Lawyer


When under the pressure of legalities involving immigration and identities, meeting up with your immigration lawyer is the best option there is to be able to process such issues. This is why when hiring an immigration lawyer (or any lawyer on that matter) you must briefly verify his or her credibility and competence. 

Makeup Palette by Ofra Cosmetics

makeup palette
Glitch Baked Eyeshadow Palette

A makeup palette is a range of different colours that compliments your eyes. It is one of a woman's desired creations in makeup. But as a beginner, how will you do that? Will it make you look beautiful? Are there types of makeup palettes? These are the questions that are running into your mind, especially if it's your first.

5 DIY Home Decorations for Homeowners on a Budget

home decor

Designing your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune! If you just look hard enough, there are plenty of affordable decorations you can do yourself! Aside from them being one of a kind, they’re a great conversation starter whenever family and friends come over.

Add personal touches to your home with DIY decorations. Check out these five home decorations, perfect for homeowners on a tight budget.

When Is The Right Time to Start Your Own Family

We all want to start a family. But, the question is when? When is the right time to start a family? Are you ready for it? It's a big decision of a lifetime. Although, it's different how each of one started it, be responsible and face it.

Guide created by Natera

Mental Health Misdiagnosis in Children

We thought some kids are healthy because they are happy playing around and having fun. But, little did we know that some of them are sickly. Read more information about it below:

Infographic created by MySpectrum

Friendly Activities for Children With Autism

Every child loves different activities. It is entertaining and enjoyable for them. Let's create activities that suit especially for children with autism. Yet, for children with autism, let's allow them to explore their body movements, team-up activities, and many more. As parents' let's get involved with the play and activities for more fun.

Guide created by Lighthouse Autism Center