Storytelling of My Favorite Solitaire Games

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The Solitaire games are classic and timeless. It brings back good old memories before having a personal computer. As the saying goes, "oldies but goodies". I remember the siblings of my father when they gather together they play mahjong. Amid all the fights and throwing words against each other when they play, it is all loud voices and peals of laughter for winning the game. Ah, I'm a bit nostalgic. Those were the gold old days when I was a little girl back then.

I brought this up, remembering the past because I saw this classic mahjong games website. Honestly, I do not play this game because my father prohibits me from it. It's okay for me. I am happy and contented watching them, my aunts and uncles playing it with happiness.

The Free Online Classic Solitaire Card Games website, aside from the game that I mentioned, has two of my favourite games, and these are:

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When it comes to playing cards, my father tried to stop me from playing solitaire games. He caught me playing solitaire with real cards. Well, I guess he is old fashion. According to him, it will look immoral for a girl to play with the cards. There was no computer in our home at that time. 

Someone told me not to play solitaire because it makes my head ache.  I am not sure if you know they use solitaire to ask a question. If you win or open all the cards, it means yes, a positive answer to your question. For example, I will ask if it is good to travel? Is this the guy for me to marry? Basic questions about life. When you lay the cards, play solitaire and open all of them, it means yes. But, if you cannot open it, it means no.

I wonder if this is true. I know who does it. It's the work of the fortune-tellers. All I want is to play the solitaire to pass the time. No questions asked.

When you go to the website of, the solitaire game shows on the homepage. I like the upbeat music. Click the three short lines on the upper left side to see the options like the sound, drawing cards and your game statistics. If there is a vacant slot, you cannot transfer a set of cards except a King card. That's too bad. True to its word, it is a challenge.

FreeCell is ideal for newbies. In the first play of Freecell, I feel lost. I don't know how to play it. The truth is I know how to play it through the pc version. It is a new version, or it might be the rules has changed. So, I decided to play it one more time to learn about this game. After a while, I still don't get it. Gosh, it is challenging me.  There's a beginner's guide posted at the lower portion of the game. But, I did not read it because I prefer to explore this game more. I realized I stay longer to play the game and, I might not finish writing this article.

Now, that's one of my not-so-secret anymore, one of the reasons why it took me a long time to finish writing. I am playing solitaire games.

pyramid solitaire game

I am not familiar with playing the Pyramid solitaire game. I tried it by just reading the tutorial. It says the goal is to clear the pyramid and match two cards that sum up to 13. You can only click the King card to remove it. You have only three chances to move and deal with the cards.

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Aside from the pyramid, there are three more solitaire games that I am not familiar with playing. These are Klondike, Tripeaks, and Golf. Guess it is easy to try because you can read tutorials, guidelines and even history at the lower portion of the game.  Also, they offer a different collection of games in categories at the lowest part of the page. I hope they will transfer the link of game categories in the upper portion of the page as the second menu. In my opinion, some players do not bother to scroll down unless it is a news page. The games are for all ages. Some are senior citizens who want to play, too.

One of my other favorite “solitaire” games is played alone, but it includes a different kind of “cards.” I’m talking about Bingo and Bingo cards. Bingo is a great game to play online with Skillz where you can not only play for a lot of hours and have a lot of fun, but you can also make deposits to make things a bit more interesting. You can get help with your deposits by using Skillz promo code bonus cash and be on your way to having some of the best times of your life.

On the other hand, if you want to play video games, please visit their site and have fun. You will find a Pacman inspired game of Cookie Monster, word search, scramble games, tennis, and a lot more. 

So, hop on board. Play on!

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