3 Effective Online Marketing Tools


The key to optimal performance within any company starts with marketing; you can sell the most outstanding products and deliver the best customer service; if people don’t know about it, your sales won’t justify your work. This aspect that most corporate companies soundly adhere to and have mastered over the years of business experience. Marketing is no longer giant expensive billboards and advertisements on tv. The internet has thrown the marketing industry on its heads. Thanks to platforms like Google, smaller institutions also stand a chance to carry out meaningful marketing campaigns that won’t break budgets. According to statistics, 50% of online sales generated starts with keywords being searched; this means if your website can solve someone’s problem, you most likely made a sale. Let’s look at three practical marketing tools that will boost the sales of just about any company. 

#1 Website
Google carries out more than 5.6 billion searches daily; of these 5.6 billion searches, a remarkable numb er of individuals find solutions to problems. The only way to take advantage of this is by having a website that ranks on Google. Google developed specific algorithms to find and place relevant businesses in particular searches. To get your website to rank well and apply to most searches, you need to consider various aspects of your website. Firstly, ensure your website is responsive and well designed. Google’s algorithms can even identify if this aspect of your website is inferior, and it can cause a worse ranking. 

#2 Search Engine Optimisation
One of the ways Google finds relevant sites for searches is through search engine optimization from high quality websites with good reviews. SEO is the process of optimizing content to get search engines to rank your website based on the content quality and relevant backlinks. This can be done on landing pages on your website. Another great way can be to add a blog section to your site discussing the top tips and products that could solve potential clients’ problems. It will significantly increase your SEO return on investment. If you can be relevant for any search out there, your inbound sales calls will skyrocket.

#3 Google Ad-words 
Utilizing Google Ad-Words is also a great way of increasing website traffic; this marketing method goes hand in hand with having a website and using SEO. This means of marketing is bidding against competitors to be placed as an ad at the top of Google’s search engine. An example would be if someone searched luxury watches, your online shop that sells luxury watches will pop up first, and the people browsing your products will most likely start buying. This doesn’t mean that everyone who views your website will buy your products. To make a thousand sales, try to get your website traffic to a hundred thousand visits per day. This will make your chances of reaching your target much more realistic.

Remember that these marketing methods shouldn’t be done alone; they were designed and optimized for outputting the best results when used together. The perfect balance of content, paid ads, and a quality website is all you need to start selling online. 

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