5 Tips for Investing in Designer Fashion Pieces

There is something special about investing in designer fashion pieces, from the quality and the fit to knowing you love and want to support the brand. Building a wardrobe of high-quality fashion pieces is an exciting process as you discover which pieces you love and want to consciously add to your collection. 

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Here Are Some Tips for Investing in Designer Fashion Pieces:  
1)  Choose Wisely Which Pieces to Invest In
With so many beautiful pieces out there, it can be tempting to constantly add things to your designer shopping or wish list. But when you’re considering your approach to investing in designer fashion pieces, it is worth taking your time and choose wisely which pieces you want to invest in. Investing in classic, timeless pieces that you will love and wear for years to come is for example, a better investment than in a trendy piece you will wear for a couple seasons and then not want to wear anymore. A timeless watch, like a De Bethune for example, is a great investment piece because you can wear and love it, and then pass it down to future generations or sell it when you get your wear out of it.
2) Take Good Care of Your Items.
If you take good care of your items, it extends the life of your investment pieces and you will both have more time with the pieces and have a better price point at which you can sell your pieces should you choose to. 

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3) Use the “Cost per Wear” Strategy
The “cost per wear” strategy can help you determine which pieces you want to prioritize investing in, and also help you understand what types of pieces you really get the most wear out of to begin with. If you love a white button-down for example, investing in one designer button-down that you consistently wear can actually be more affordable in the long run than having to repurchase lower-quality button downs because they need to be replaced quickly. If you look at the total cost divided by how many times you wore the item you will find the ‘cost per wear’, and it is a key factor to consider! 
4) Study the Market and the Most Wanted Trends
Designer fashion is more intentional with the pieces that come out and how often they come out, and when you are ready to invest in an item and you know what you want, it is well worth taking the time to study the market and really see what is out there. With an idea of what you want to invest in, you can see the other most-wanted trends and stay locked in to what you really want to add to your collection.

5) Don’t Forget about Vintage
Investing in designer fashion pieces does not mean that your pieces have to be new! Don’t forget about vintage fashion. Nowadays there are many online places where you can shop for vintage fashion and going in-person to a vintage shop is an experience itself as you can find absolute gems. 

If you look to a reseller for designer fashion pieces, it is important to do extensive research such as how items are verified to ensure it is a trusted reseller as well as prices for comparable items should you choose to resell your items. Where you choose to resell the item is a crucial part of your investment process because it can mean the difference in earning back some of that money should you maintain your pieces well! 

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