How to Stay Sane Amid Pandemic?

woman amid pandemic

Do you still remember the day before the first-ever lockdown happened? How about the last day you went outside without wearing that facemask? Perhaps, we all have been wondering what happened. But since the pandemic had hit the country already, the least we can do is to follow the protocol set by the government.

Covid-19 has been overwhelming to all. Imagine the changes that happened instantly. Who would have thought that it will last longer, even today, with no certainties until when this will end? What’s interesting about this pandemic is that despite the negative impact it caused us, we still manage to cope-up with its threat. Slowly, we adapt to the changes and that living the new normal as we call it now has been easier than how we thought of it.

The Effects of Pandemic
Have you ever wondered how pandemic changed you? We all have gone through that, and yet, the pandemic did hit us big time. From the sudden isolation down to the financial challenges we all face, the pandemic gave us a tremendous impact on our daily lives. But even though many got affected by it financially, many find themselves gaining weight. Funny it may sound, though. It is one of the effects of staying at home. Yet, it is one of the downsides of the Covid-19, according to the New York Times.

Stress, eating and anxiety are the basic things that many experienced and considered the effects of a pandemic. With that said, a lot of us had gained weight exponentially. And yes, the culprit for this is the virus. I, personally, am a victim of it too. I learned that my friends had gained weight too to which convinced me that it’s pretty ordinary. However, as time goes by, I’ve learned that it wasn’t really. And that I have to work on changing this.

Getting Rid of the Downsides
For a year, we cope up with isolating ourselves. Fortunately, there are ways on how we can fight stress, eating and anxiety without going out. And eventually, I was able to find a few things that I considered helpful to my sanity.

Here are the things I’ve discovered that help me, somehow, cope up with stress eating and having anxiety attacks:

Plant more plants. If you have heard of the term plantita, it’s the right therapy to start. I find planting and gardening exciting when it starts to grow and bloom! Through this, I can manage my time from wasting to overthinking and become a productive plantita.

Lose weight through the help of applications, programs, and video tutorials available online. If you are concerned about your health, most certainly you have reached the point in finding great videos and programs related to weight loss activities. It helps a lot of people of starting to get rid of stress and binge eating.

Join communities that have different goals. If you are looking for an extra way to earn this pandemic or something that will help you learn new things, join a community. You can interact with other people by joining communities online through Facebook groups such as Tipid Living (saving strategies for moms), for example, is a great help. It helps you learn, earn, and meet individuals of the same interest.

Last year, I used to feel stress and low. Now, I can improve my health, goals and way of thinking despite this pandemic. If you are just like me back then, you might want to give it a try by doing new activities. You will never know how helpful these things are, not just to your health but to your mental health at the same time. 

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