Things to Consider in Looking for an Apartment in Chicago

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My cousin Lulu asked me to help her in looking for an apartment to move in. She has little time to do it while preparing a turn-over for the next person who will replace her. She's living in Kentucky, and the company will transfer her to Chicago to manage one of their branch in the state. 

As a good cousin, I do lend my hand to help her. Looking for an apartment, for me,  is not an easy thing to do. Although, I had an idea of what to do. Still, I asked Lulu want to what she wants to consider in looking for an apartment. I am contemplating because neither of us is familiar. But, Lulu said, do what you want to do and tell me. Okay, here it goes, nothing more, nothing less. Here are my noteworthy things to consider in looking for an apartment.

Cost of Living and Expenses
According to Numbeo, the current cost of living (77.33) plus rent index (59.20) in Chicago is 66.97, which means it's affordable than the other states. I'd be happy if we find a cozy apartment at a lower price.

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I made sure that she had her monthly deposit and monthly rent available because the owner might ask for it and other expenses from moving to a new place to stay. Who knows, right?  For me, it is best to have an extra because you'll never know the unforeseen expenses since you are moving. In this case, it is better to have more than less.

Safety and Security
Whenever I look for an apartment, the safety of my family and me is always on my mind. I think every person think about the security in their surroundings and neighbourhood. 

Although, there is no assurance that you are 100% safe. At least find a place with the lowest homicide rates and the safest neighbourhood in Chicago which you feel safe.

Having an office work, I'd see to it, that the place where I stay is nearby. I know Lulu prefers to walk to work or ride in a car in the evening. It would also be convenient if these facilities, such as the markets and grocery stores are nearby.

With all that said, we cannot check from one apartment to another apartment due to pandemic circumstances. I use Zumper to find an apartment to rent in Chicago. You can also use Zumper in looking for houses, rooms and condo units for rent. 

You can speed up the process of searching for an apartment to rent by filtering them out. There are a lot of options to choose from to filter your search.  Since I forgot to ask how long Lulu will stay, I choose for a long term. 

 It is easy to view the apartment of your choice while staying at your home. They have several photos, videos, and 34 virtual tours. After viewing the online tours and decide to see them in person, you can click the request a tour button and fill up the essential details that include the time for the tour and move-in date in case you finally decide to get it. 

How to Send Rental Application Using Zumper
Make an application via Zumper in less than 5 minutes. Find the units or apartment that suits and click apply. When you give your application online, it includes your credit reports with Zumper's screening service, powered by TransUnion.

Before signing the contract, read the details first. When you signed it, pay the rent and deposit. Check the electricity, water and Internet for clearance. Voila! I am thinking of how she will prepare her first night in her new home. Will I accompany her or not?

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