Harmful Effects of Processed and Fast Foods

I'm one of the guilty persons who buy processed and fast foods. Why? These are my reasons.

1. We have no refrigerator to keep some uncooked veggies, fish or whatsoever items to purchase in the wet market.
2. I'm busy. I have no time to go out to buy and cooked for meals.
3. I have no money to buy uncooked and cooked meals.

Usually, I end up buying cooked meals from a nearby small restaurant or order pizza or takoyaki online. When I have no money, I would ask for credit in a store and asked for canned goods.

I know it is unhealthy but, still, I did it. Despite that, the only real solution is meal prepping or preparation. I have to push myself forward or risk my family's health. What do you want to do? Decide now and read the infographic below!

Provided by Itaki

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