Women's Swimwear by Lime Ricki

A swimsuit is a garment used for swimming, sunbathing and beauty competitions as costumes. Swimwear has different names such as bathing suit, swimming costume, and swimming trunks (for men).

As for me, wearing a bathing suit in public makes me feel ashamed. Don't get me wrong. I am not used to wearing it. But it is a  prerequisite to follow the proper swimming attire. I doubt it if you like to wear trousers while swimming your hearts out.

Importance of a Swimwear
Aside from water activities, a swimsuit is not only worn for swimming but beauty competitions and sun-bathing. Why is it vital to have swimwear despite the odds?

1. Body Shape
Choose a bathing suit that is suitable for your body shape. For example, the bust, waist, and hips are pretty consistent. But your shoulders and hips are somewhat small, which they called apple body shape.   The ideal swimsuit for this is a one-piece suit.

2. Play with Colours
A bathing suit has a lot of colours to choose from the racks. But what colour is the best for your skin tone? My opinion is to choose colours that match the colour of your skin. For example, if you have dark skin, choose a white or yellow swimsuit. Compare the difference between bright colours with your skin. Make it evident and fierce to match.

3. Patterns and Colors
Although some coloured patterns are vibrant, it attracts attention for some people. It is perfect for showing and flattering your curves. 

The Lime Ricki Swimwear continue to make a difference for all women of various shapes and sizes. To keep up with the trends for this season, Lime Ricki wants you to swim with a spark of joy. Choose one which fits and suits you best!

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