6 Smart Energy-Saving Ideas For Spring

As the cost of electricity continues to rise, it is becoming more and more expensive to keep the lights on. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, a typical family spends approximately 1,400 every year on utilities. Fortunately, there are simple ways to tweak your electricity usage and help cut your energy bill.

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If you want to save more money by cutting your electricity bill, continue reading the following tips.

Install a Solar Panel
One of the best ways to cut or eliminate all your energy bills is by installing rooftop solar on your property. While the upfront costs to purchase and install the panel will be relatively higher than other bill-saving options, you will save more in the long run. This is because your solar panel will help you to generate your own energy instead of purchasing it.

Service your AC
Simple air conditioner maintenance like regularly replacing and cleaning the air filters will help lower energy consumption by approximately 15 percent. On the first day of spring, you should hire an emergency air conditioning repair expert to inspect your AC. A certified HVAC technician will clean the air conditioner’s evaporator coil and check the refrigerant levels.

Use a Programmable Thermostat
According to Energy.gov, you can reduce your energy bill by 10 percent by using a programmable thermostat. Although most homeowners use a basic programmable thermostat, there are new and sophisticated products, like the Google Nest. This gadget will use your location through Wi-Fi and turn itself down when you’re not home. What’s more, it can adjust your home’s temperature and track your energy usage.

Upgrade Your Lighting
Did you know that 10 percent of the energy consumed in your home is used for lighting? The other 90 percent is turned to heat. This means that you’re paying more money for less light and unknowingly warming your home. Therefore, you should consider getting more energy-efficient bulbs like LEDs, which use 75 percent less energy and last longer than incandescent lighting.

Tip: To save more energy, turn the lights off when not using a room.

Weatherize Your Home
Another great way to reduce your energy bill is to weatherize your home. This simply means sealing all air leaks around your home. Doing this will reduce the energy needed to heat or cool your home. Some of the common areas in a home that leak include the windows, vents, and doors, and you can weatherize them to reduce air leaks. You can weatherize your home using weather stripping on your doors and operable windows and caulk on walls, window frames, and other stationary objects.

Use Natural Light
Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time to open the curtains, raise the blinds, and minimize your usage of artificial light. In the cold winter months, curtains and blinds are essential in keeping the cold air out of your home. However, spring has mild temperatures, and you don’t need to use your curtains or blinds.

Your monthly utility bill is most likely the second-highest expense after your mortgage. Although cutting on your energy usage is a great way to keep your budget in check, it is also good for the environment. Therefore, use the above tips to reduce your energy usage significantly.

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