Tips that will Help you to Give your Home that Country Vibe

Believe it or not, the country-vibe isn’t just suited to rural homes. It is more than possible for you to get that relaxed cottage look if you simply adopt the right approach to your décor. If you want to find out more about that, then simply look below.

Focus on Pastel Palettes
If you want to create a nice tranquil feel in your bedroom, then you can do this with ease by simply focusing on pastel palettes. If you like your bright colors, then opt for pinks and blues. Putting up a string of bunting will bring about an instant hit if you want to try and create a country-style room.

country style bedroom
Credits: Steve Buissinne (Pixabay)

Keep it Simple
The best way for you to create a nice country look would be for you to try and paint your walls in a grey or white tone. You can then choose a dark wooden flooring to really add warmth to your home. You can then try and use natural textures to bring out that country look. You might want to consider an oak dining table or even some fabric chairs. You can also add some vases that are full of fresh flowers.

Retro Appliances
Forget about modern fittings and do away with sleek too. Instead, put your focus on items that are more retro. You may want to think about kettles, fridges or even ovens. All things like this will help to bring a certain amount of cheer to your home and it will also help you to get that country-feel in your kitchen.

Wall Paneling
If you have a bathroom that you want to have a traditional appeal, then tongue-and-groove paneling is very popular. You can then choose to paint it in mushroom grey, or you can even opt for a taupe shade if you want. This is the best way for you to create the look you want, and it will also give you a much fresher style and look.

Dress your Windows
Swap out your Venetian blinds for ones that are more of a country-style if you can. Café-shutters are ideal if you have a ground-floor room, and you can also opt for full-height shutters if you want to block out light. This is the best way for you to get the privacy you want with minimal fuss. If you want to add something else to the outside of your property, then why not look into weathervanes at Cuckooland? This is the best way for you to truly make your home into a country retreat, and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to get the best look with a minimal amount of effort.

Top Roll Bath
A roll-top bath is certainly a luxurious feature to say the least. It will certainly give your bathroom that country feel. You do need to stay clear of any wall tiles if possible and you instead need to opt for paneling as this will help to keep your scheme very simple. A stenciled motif will easily break up any boring walls if you want to try and spice things up a bit.

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