My Journey in The Blogosphere

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This is always the thing that describes me: create an account and leave it behind. Oh no, not the messy things! I was referring to creating my first blog platform – Live Journal. It was created as a very personal diary. It is alive but not updated. I just leave it – stagnant. 2nd is the Multiply platform in which I have two accounts; One is a link to online resellers and suppliers while the second one is a personal diary. But then, I decided to delete the second and integrate some of the posts I’ve written there in blogger. So, I can focus only to one personal diary.

Writing in a different blogging platform is my only means to let go all my emotions and unload burdens. I did not think of it as a way to earn; I did not think of it that one day, it’ll help me with the tool in my life.

The new journey began in Manila for the second time: I face it alone and it was all negative, though. Job applications turned negative results, money was draining in my pockets and I end up washing clothes of my boarding housemates to put food right into my tummy. One online friend told me about family’s support because I was desperate to have a job. I didn’t respond but smile sourly. I wish, there was a family support, but there is NONE.

My head has a lot of fearsome questions like what will I do, now that I can’t find work? How can I support myself? What will happen to me? Will I end up living in the streets? Ending in negative results to jobs had made me searched through the Internet. Although, I really give up hope and feel low. But, the WILL to survive remains.

I log on to a forum in which I am a member. It was in the Cosmopolitan Forum. I found a thread, but I forgot the topic, sorry. A member commented about her as being an Online Income Guru. I even checked her profile and links. She discussed an online income. Her name is Red a.k.a. Earn Money Online with Red. And the rest is history.

My blog is not on Google page rank as I did not put an effort to create backlinks, yet. I created a lot of PTC accounts and some ended as scams. Still, go on creating accounts that earn but sometimes leave it and open it later if I remember it and have a chance. Then one day, a big blow happened. My only chance to earn big amount was disabled. Well, it was enough for me and I depended much on it. Adsense account was disabled. I stay away from blogging and thinking what really happened and why it happened. I posted an article about an emo week and one comment caught my attention. It was from Russ;

“They are a tough bunch. You are probably better off without them…. Don't give up on your internet friends because of those idiots. You have to stay strong.” 
 Yes, it’s true. It was a lesson.

I may not earn a lot in the blogosphere; I can’t relate much on mommy blogs because I am not a mommy, myself. Yes, I am 37 and yet not a mommy, never had been, but that’s another story. What’s important is that I start to gain the internet (blogger) friends. I am very thankful, deep in my heart and wish them all the luck and blessings in the world. It is Red- who started it all, Russ for the inspiring words of advice, Vernz, who instantly returned comments, Liz, who offered knowledge and tips to learn online, Mommy Levy - who had a big heart and gave me a chance to win her contest. :D and others do not mention thank you so much.

Blogging is fun! It helped me learn new things like fashions, contests, unity of a family (wish I have), advanced technology and blogging tips and tricks. I am looking forward to learning more and gained more friends online.

This article is my official entry to Red's First Blogversary Contest.


  1. awww, a very touching story. Hold on dear Lisa may himala! :)

    Sana ma touch si Mr. Google sa mga post natin at gawing monthly and fixed ang bayad. hehehe!

  2. @annpod Thanks for the comment... aw, i'm not picky :D It only happened. They were there to give advice and support.

    @Levy hahaha.. tanggap ko na hindi ako type ni Mr. Google. Buti na rin na nawala para wala nang mag ask ng favor for clicking ads. Kung meron man, magpa member muna siya sa adgitize, entrecard at easyhits.. ^_^

  3. Aww. Ganun nga ata talaga. A friend of mine also lost her Adsense account. Swertihan lang 'coz I'm seeing a lot of bloggers who use Adsense inappropriately pero di naman na-close ang Adsense nila.

    I hope you could get your account back. But, if not, I wish you more money-making opps online. :)

  4. that's okey ate Liz as long as you're not taking drugs,,..hehehe.. Everything happens for a reason... and di ba God will make a way when it seems to be no way.. hold on, wag kang susuko.

  5. owwwsss... its a touching story. Actually it inspire to everybody to make things that everybody will appreciate it...the only reason why nobody doesn't give up because of there was somebody who will inspire and support your stubborn...

  6. Heyy!Dropping @ ur site to review :D Im also joining that contest. Goodl luck and hope you'll win! :)

  7. A wonderful post about your blogging journey! I thoroughly enjoyed it and can relate to a lot of what you described from my own blogging experiences. It is a wonderful outlet! Just keep plugging and good things will happen!

  8. @Shi Min
    Thanks for the visit. Will check yours soon

    Thanks for the comment and calling me "stubborn". I feel aghast last night and made me nosebleed, too. I understand you have read the article from the very beginning. I was talking about YESTERDAY, PAST, NOON and how I started blogging; I wasn't talking about TODAY and NOW. That's different! Now is I LIVE WITH HIM.

  9. @Kathy Thank you very much Kathy

    very well said, too :) Thank you so much.

    again, you sound bitter :D

  10. Hey lis, you're such a nice girl. God is always with you. Don't give up in life. whatever you want to do just stay focus and be happy.

  11. can I be one of your blogging friends?:)

    bago lang ako dito, hindi pa ako masyado connected sa world, hindi din naman kasi ako makaka attend ng mga blogging activities andito kasi ako sa Mindanao :)

    tsaka swerte mo, kasi nakahanp ka ng totoong mga kaibigan :)

  12. AWWWWWWW...... TOUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ME. TALAGA... sige loka-loka din ako minsan sa katamaran hindi makadalaw ... ahihii.... dear.. hindi naman minamadali yung earning online .. sometimes... mangapital ka ug effort to hop around to get backlinks and increase your traffic rank.... pero my dear in due time, it will come ... patience is a virtue... take it from me.... thanks for this Lisa.

  13. You know what, you're such a good writer. I really mean it.

    I'll give you some tips on how to increase your PR rank. Send ko via EC PM. I had two blogger blogs reaching PR3 by its third month so even if I'm not a blogging guru, I know it can help.

  14. hi there! i love your stuff. maybe you can ping me for exchange of links if you like lang:)

    i would love to be ur regular visitor:)

    happy blogging!