What Do the Car Repair Shops Have in Common?


Some of us need a vehicle when we're living and working around from the province to the city. It saves us time and money. But then, sooner or later, that some of us need our cars repaired. We don't have to be an expert. As the car owner, we have to know what goes on with our vehicle when fixed. If your car broke down, bring it to a car repair shop. So, what do a car repair shop offers have in common? Let's find out below: What do the car repair shops have in common?

If your car broke down and carried over to a shop, they usually do these things repeated to your vehicle. Below are the lists of the most common repairs a repair shop do to your car: 

Change Oil
It's the changed oil that works with your car, not the change oil that goes viral with a couple. The oil prolongs the life of the engine. Besides, regular oil changes help resell the value of your vehicle.

Repair and Change of Tires
Every day we use the car by going to the supermarket, to work, travel and vacations. Always check your tires to avoid road accidents like a tire blowout, wear and tear, nails and other objects inserted into your tire and low pressure. It is so important to check the problem first before the trouble starts. 

Ignition System
The role of the ignition system is to ignite or spark the mixture of air and fuel in a gasoline engine. If it does not work, the car won't start. The not-so-good thing to happen is if it's in the middle of the road or traffic light. The best thing to do is to swap the battery out or change your battery.

Brake Service Repair
We always heard from the news about the cause of the accident not only from the cars but public utility vehicles. The cause of the accident is the brake. It's a routine to check the brake before going out onto the road. If something is not right, replace the brake pads or schedule it for regular tests to ensure its execution on your cars system brake.

As far as I know, these are the standard four-car repair shops services offered in repairing your car. These are what I usually what the car owners bring to them for repair.

Amid all these incidents and accidents, are you secured? No. According to the WHO data published in 2018 that the Philippine Road Traffic Accidents has reached 10,624 or 1.74% of total deaths.

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Based on Metro Manila Development Authority the Road Crash Statistics in Metro Manila 2020 at least 31,811 have been reported with 136 fatalities.

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