Types of Shorts for Men

men in shorts

Shorts is not a suitable form of dress. As the years passed, the concept and adaptation from the people have changed. It becomes casual wear, especially in the summer, which makes them comfortable to wear. 

Although shorts are wearable in casual, mixing them up with other fabrics and wear looks dowdy. There are many types of shorts in demand, but I select only three that I consider wearables in the market.

Walking Shorts
It is a semi-casual attire that you'll see on both men and women walking in the park. It is worn lower or even to your knees. It is usually a go-to when you go for a chore in and out of your home. Usually, a pair of walking shorts look great with a cotton shirt, a t-shirt or polo.

School Shorts
School short is a vital part of a student's uniform. It lessens the problem of fashion and financial issues in what to wear to school. Like the hbcu shorts, it brings the schools history, legacy and spirit to a whole new level. 

Cargo Shorts
Cargo shorts are shortened pants which is popular. Generally, it has pockets on its side with flaps to cover and secure the contents. It is military-style loose shorts that are popular today. Made from a synthetic and cotton-poly blends fabric.

When you buy shorts, the cost is less than pants. Still, it is elegant, classy and casual to wear because it gives comfort, is loose and breezy. Buy now and check your style with shorts!

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