Top Three Reasons Why a Woman Should Wear a Wig

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Jawbreaker | Colorful Long Straight Lace Front Wig

A wig is an accessory cover over the head or hair made from human hair, animal, synthetic or fibre. If you based it on history, the Egyptian men and women used it. One woman that stood out from using a wig is Cleopatra, who wore a headdress. This industry is enormous because of its demand. Why does a woman like to use a wig? What are the reasons behind it? Let's find out. 

Hair Loss
Losing a handful of hair strands is a harrowing experience, be it a medical reason that's temporary or permanent.  To us, our hair is our crowning glory. 

Some women have hair loss due to medical reason such as Alopecia and cancer. Alopecia, an autoimmune disease that attacks a part of your body and hair follicles, mistaken as a cell of your immune system.

It drains us emotionally when something happens to it. I know some women accept what happened, and wearing a wig is a choice. It hides what's underneath and be yourself again.

Before pandemic happened, if you worked in the entertainment industry, the actors and actress use wigs to play a different role. Today, I saw Facebook game streamers wearing trendy cute wigs to show their favourite character. Just the same with cosplayers who want to add a little spice to their game character role.

Economical and Saves Time
Wigs refrain you from spending so much money to straighten your locks and achieved the look you always wanted. Based on my experience, a staff would offer services while waiting for your turn. You give in to not feel bored even if it's out of your budget. 

clip-in hair extension
Audrey 16" 140g 7 Pieces Classic Clip-in Remy Human Hair Extensions

Waiting for your turn eats most of your time. A wig lessens it. Why not place a black clip in hair extensions on top of your hair and arranged it a little bit. Voila! There are no bad hair days.

From what I know, there two types of wigs to choose from - human hair and synthetic hair. The human hair gives the most natural look. You can style it the way you want it, like blow-dry, curled and ironed. A human hair wig is a bit expensive because of its texture, softness and thickness.

While synthetic wigs have limits, this type of wigs is cheaper. But handle it with care, else it won't last long. If you like to change the style more often, it's okay. You can't style them with heat tools but, it may cause harm to the hair strands.

Buy It Online
Since we are in a pandemic, it is complex to go out to a store to shop. The best thing to do is buy it online at At Uniwigs, you can select different style of wigs. Don't worry about the hair length because they have a guide on length measurements and layers.

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