What Coffee Is Good For You? Is It Glorious?

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For a long time, coffee has a bad reputation. It allegedly triggers high blood pressure, insomnia, and hyperacidity. Although, the Filipino has a habit of adding too much sugar and cream into their cup. It aggravates diabetes.

We cannot deny that the Filipino morning cup is coffee. 

What About Sugar-Free Coffee?
For health-conscious individuals, especially diabetics, turning to sugar-free coffee mixes is the only option. It means enduring tasteless cups of coffee to satisfy their cravings until Stevia came along.

Stevia is a low calorie, zero sugar sweetener that tastes so much better than artificial sweeteners. It is a herb with a sweet-tasting extract that comes from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant. They enjoy it since pre-Columbian South America, where indigenous people used the herb to sweeten their tea and other drinks. The taste of the plant stems from steviol glycosides, molecules that are 250–300 times sweeter than regular sugar.

It became popular among health-conscious individuals because it has very little caloric content. It makes it perfect for dieters and people who are trying to lose weight. Moreover, Stevia makes coffee and tea taste so much better without adding any calories. It is an alternative sweetener for cooking or baking.

The Health Advantages of Stevia
Stevia is a safe, healthy sugar substitute that can sweeten up food without the unfavourable health effects of refined sugar. Also, it is associated with several impressive benefits such as reduced calorie intake, managed blood sugar levels, and minimized risk of cavities.

Additionally, while other sugar substitutes like Aspartame linked with cancer, there is no evidence linking Stevia, to cancer since it is a natural ingredient. It means you can add stevia to dishes and drinks without fear that you’re taking a lot of sugar or that you’ll get sick a few years down the road.

For coffee lovers, it’s also good to note that locally-made Glorious Blend coffee and instant beverages have Stevia as its natural sweetener. These ingredients make the drink not only refreshing and safe but also good for one’s overall health.

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The Glorious Blend boasts a full line of healthy drinks, including a 7-in-1 healthy coffee mix. This blend is made with proven medicinal ingredients like Malunggay, Mangosteen, Calcium, Gotu Kola, and sweetened with Sweet & Fit Stevia. What’s even better is that the Glorious Blend 7in1 Coffee is non-acidic and promotes regular bowel movement.

The Glorious coffee beverages are the - 3-in-1 coffee mix with Stevia, 7-in-1 choco mix, 4-in-1 coffee with Malunggay, 5-in-1 coffee mix with Brown Rice, and the MaxiTrim coffee.

All Glorious Blend beverages use Stevia. It has no calories, no carbohydrates, and zero glycemic indexes. All of their instant drinks will keep you alert and energized throughout the day.

Also, Glorious Blend products are locally sourced and manufactured. Their company supports local farmers, stevia growers, and other agricultural communities.

So if you’ve been cutting back on drinking coffee because of health problems like diabetes or hyperacidity, Glorious Blend coffee mixes are here to help. You can enjoy all the aroma and flavour of freshly made coffee all day —without the guilt!

Now, you can drink coffee for better health! Glorious, isn’t it? For more information about Glorious Blend coffee mixes, check out https://www.facebook.com/gloriousblend

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