How Does Beacon Resources Go About Screening Their Candidates?

beacon resources, recruitment agency
At Beacon Resources, we know our clients want the right person for the job without waiting weeks or months to fill an open position. With our careful candidate screening process, we ensure that the employees we provide have the skills and knowledge to get up to speed quickly. The companies we work with count on us to staff individual roles and even entire finance departments.

Childhood Memories with My Father

father and daughter

I am daddy's little girl. We are two siblings. I'm the eldest. My father will wake me up in the evening because he brought a gallon of ice cream. When it is time for mushrooms, he whistles or calls me to get a basket. Sometimes, we go out on a bamboo-made raft to fish. My fishing pole is small. Then, he will swing it for me. Oh, I'm the first one who caught the fish! Hooray!

Play Your Favorite Game with Vivo X21!

I am fond of playing games online. Sometimes, it's disappointing if someone calls me. It hinders me in war and dungeon. Mobile Legends or PUBG players choose a phone that is dynamic when it comes to heavy gaming. The only leading edge for this innovation that addresses the gamer's woe is the Global brand Vivo.

How to Turn Your Balcony into a Thriving Green Space

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Keeping a garden is a luxury that very few city-dwellers can afford. It’s difficult to grow plants when you’re living in a high-rise and don’t exactly have access to a yard space that you can call your own. But you don’t have to give up your dream of growing your own plants—there are still plenty of gardening setups and options that can suit a house without much floor space to spare. Indoor gardens are a popular choice for people living in apartments. If you have a balcony, though, you’ll have a considerably easier time setting up and maintaining a garden in your home.