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Make Buying a House Affordable

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Nowadays, many of us feel that home ownership is out of our reach. Countless people are stuck in the rental market - having to pay rent to their landlord and consequently being unable to save up a deposit for a property of their own. Unless you genuinely want the flexibility to move frequently, as and when you please, which is feasible with renting, buying a property is much more beneficial. After all, you’ll be paying monthly instalments to something you’ll eventually own, rather than paying a landlord’s mortgage on their behalf or providing them with a passive income. But with stagnant wages and the rental trap, how can you make home ownership more affordable and more feasible? Here are a few suggestions that could help!

Budgeting Made Easy: How Pigly Lessens the Burden of Calculating Expenses

Budget planning has always been a heavy load for everyone. Especially during these unprecedented times, we budget our finances carefully and surely as the economy continues to plummet down.

The pandemic has put a halt to a lot of businesses, work, and even education. It causes the unemployment rate jumped to 17.7 per cent in the quarter of June 2020.  The highest job rate on record that led to business closures. However, the burden of planning for the unforeseeable future will always be there. Being financially ready for everything is still a must.

Of course, a lot of people would find budgeting as a tedious and stressful process. So, every day, we continue to find ways to make handling our assets free from hassle as possible. Thankfully, Pigly not just makes the job easy for us, but also fun.

My Story of a Broken Heart Tattoo

Tattooing a part of my body is not my thing. Although, my cousins and little brother have it, I do not have it. And then something happened in my life that had changed my mind. At that time, my heart is full of pain that I do not know what to do with it.

It so happened that a neighbor asked a Tattoo artist for home service. That's when I decide to have a tattoo. I choose a little broken heart on my right hand. It was like putting all the pain I felt in it.

Rakuten, Best Online Marketplace

In this pandemic, I realized when you buy a product, make sure it's worth your money. It is something that you needed the most, for example, a smart tv. Did you know that smart tv is one of the gadgets for online learning?

Win (1) Boxxle Wine Preserver & Dispenser

Win (1) Boxxle Wine Preserver & Dispenser Giveaway!

This giveaway is part of our Back To School Gift Guide – Stop by to see all the giveaways and great products.  What I love about this wine dispenser is it can hold up to 4 bottles. So, you don't have to open a bottle to the next bottle whenever it is empty. You have to pour four bottles of wine and dispense it. It's classy!