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Keeping Yourself Safe When You Become a Blogger

Increasing numbers of people are becoming bloggers. Many are starting personal blogs for the sheer sake of showing their family and friends what they’re up to. Some are taking to professional blogging to make a career of sharing their ideas and thoughts with the wider world. Either way, your blog will generally be accessible to the wider public and you can quickly find yourself with a large following. Now, this is great. It can propel you to success! But it’s also important that you keep yourself safe when you become a blogger. When you become a public figure, you need to ensure that you’re not oversharing to avoid potential issues.

Home Energy Saving Checklist

Electricity usage has become a big part of our daily life. Most of our life depends on it now. Without electricity, we have no lights, appliances to cook for our family and, a lot more. If someone in the family is not careful about using it, the house bills will increase every month. Please check the infographic checklist below on how to save energy:

Checklist created by Lightbulb Wholesaler

5 Handy Accessories For Your Fridge


At home, our fridges are a vital appliance within our kitchens. Due to their cold temperatures, fridges are able to manage the activity of bacteria on food which otherwise manifests in high temperatures. Fridges are crucial in ensuring our food and beverages are kept fresher for longer so that we are able to safely enjoy them. They are a staple within any household, and without them, food would be wasted much more often.

Online Shopping Experience at the SMShop

family shopping

My brother and I went to SM San Jose del Monte to buy a Uratex Queen size (4 x 60 x 75) mattress and other bed accessories. He pity us because we slept in a single layer mat and folded cardboard on the floor. Now, the problem is how to bring the items home. We do not have a car. The jeepneys would not agree even if we pay an extra. It will disturb the passengers who get in and out of the jeep. Someone suggests hiring a van or taxi. So, we choose a van because of its comfort and space. Then, I paid more than 300.00 for 14.5 kilometers to take us home with the items.

Are You Dreaming of These Home Updates?

dream home

It’s safe to say that we all have dream homes. But, not all of us have them. When you’re little, or as you get into adulthood, you may have an idea of what you’d love your future home to look like. Yet, you don’t always know how to make it yours. Some people just manage to save up and get the home that they want, whereas others can’t quite figure out how to get there. And that’s okay. You will. And the best news is, that you can make changes to your current home to make this happen! If you are still dreaming of this ideal home, then here are a few changes that you might like to make to get it.