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3 Common Types of Hurricane-proof Windows

regular window glass

Hurricane-proof windows are crucial to surviving a hurricane. But what is a hurricane-resistant window? And what's the difference?

Hurricanes have a reputation for levelling even the mightiest of buildings. Hurricane is one of the forces of nature that occurs when two low-pressure systems collide over unfavourable warm water. That is why several window manufacturers like Texas Made Windows and more offer hurricane-resistant windows. Some window companies use a proprietary process when manufacturing impact glass and will even go as far as to name their products after the cyclone. Here we look into the three most common types of hurricane-resistant windows. Which ones are best for your home, you decide.

Importance of The Windows and Doors

windows and doors

Having our own house is super exciting. What is the most exciting thing of all? It is the materials and design of the soul of the house. As the saying goes, eyes are the windows of our soul. If that's the case, then the windows are the soul of a home.