Types of Garden Hose from Eley

eleys garden hose

A garden hose alternative term is hosepipe. Generally, the garden hoses are synthetic fibre and soft plastic. It carries water from the faucet or source to water the plants or clean dirty cars, etcetera. There are types of garden hose and their uses. These are:

Watering Can
It is a conventional watering can made from plastic and metal materials. It holds water of more than 5 litres depending on the size. The cons of this, if there is no water, you have to go back to the source to fill it.

Lazyflat Hose
It is an enhanced PVC type hose that deflates itself for storage. Mostly, they used for irrigation and water distribution. 

Soaker Hose
It has a tiny opening that may be the same as skin pores. It enables water to exit through the small openings bit by bit. This hose is handy, and the water streams at the bottom of the plants.

Sprinkler Hose
The sprinkler hose is a combination of soaker and water sprinkler. Both hose has tiny holes that allow the water to pass and spray.

Coiled Hoses
It straightens when the water passes through the hose. After using it, it will return to a compressed and coils afterwards like the Eley water hoses from Eley Hose Reels.  It is easy to carry than the other types of garden hose.

Pocket Garden Hose
It is a garden hose that expands when you turn the water from a source and pull back or recoil when you turn off the water source.

If there are types of garden hose, there are also types of material for a garden hose. These are :

  • vinyl, polyurethane, rubber
  • metal, polymer, expandable

If you are seeking a professional design, durability and quality kind of hose, look no further than Eley. They designed it and created it for their customer's satisfaction. It is the most durable garden hose in different types and sizes. 

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