Too Personal: Is This Pride?

You be the judge because I haven’t thought of this word that describes me.

A woman told me today that I have a high pride. Oh, is it? I’ve forgotten about the past pains, hurt and all the bad goodies in the world in which I pushed in one bag and throw it out of my life. It’s all about forgetting and starting a new life ahead.

Until a call came, it was a call from a woman... Old wounds revived and tried to wiggle its way up again.

I was outcast from my brother’s house. Both my father and brother are angry with me. I don’t know where my brother’s anger came from against me. He was very angry that he wants to throw a punch on me but pull it. Also, my father was angry against me because of the other woman. I defend my mother who is bedridden against my father. I defend that illiterate teen that doesn’t finish elementary education against my father. I understand her illiteracy and teach her in a way that she understands. But father was perfectionist! I tried to explain and reach my brother’s understanding. But some of the words I uttered were reiterated against me. I keep my mouth shut because I know; I can do nothing to change it. It is my youngest brother’s word against mine.

If he hears those hearsays, let that person come forward and let’s talk, like a tête-à-tête. We are civilized and educated; we’re not a child anymore. But, no foot came forward. It was like everyone was angry and I am a black dog. It chocked me. I decided to go back to Manila even if it was a gamble. I doubt if I can work again.

To make it short, I didn’t find a job while staying in one of the boarding house in Pasay. I feel desperate and very depressed until I decided to move out of that place. It was an accessible place in looking for work. But it is also making a big hole in my pocket; drained my savings.

Moving out was the biggest decision I made. Acceptance is a value that I learned; I can not have a company job anymore. Aside from my age (out of the calendar), my English is not perfect for an international call center company. Sometimes, I stammered and I have difficulty pronouncing the TH and F sounds.

The pain is gone but the scars are left. The painful situations had taught me a lesson. My mind is at peace. I had forgotten all about it until that call. A woman’s call telling me what had happened with my brother’s life and father’s vices. I told her, I can’t do anything about it. My brother has money; he has the power against me who has nothing. All I can do is pray and offer it to Him. She ended the call by asking me to warn my father against those vices. She added something that distressed me, again. Sorry, I can not tell you what it was. If it's true, he's the son and I believe in Karma. Whatever father had done, he was still the father and old now. If it is not, God I know you hear it! Sadly, I can not do anything about it.

Am I too proud? Is it pride?

Sunday Stealing: The Eighty Meme, Part One

I saw this Meme from Chris Chronicle's blog. Without doubts, I stole it err.. joined in the meme: :D that originates from that fella stellar Judd below :D

1. What curse word do you use the most? none
2. Do you own an iPod? No
3. What person do you talk to on the phone the most? relatives
4. Do you still remember the first person you kissed? Yes
5. Do you remember where you were on 11/9/01? work
6. What was the last movie you watched?
7. Has anyone ever called you lazy? Yes
8. Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep? No
9. Has anyone told you a secret this week? Yes
10. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? the abs :D
11. What are you looking forward to? get my old photos in my aunts place and buy a new keypad flex
12. Do you own any band t-shirts? No
13. What will you be doing in one hour? Sleep!
14. Is anyone in love with you? Yes!
15. Last time you cried? two weeks ago, when I remember my Mom in heaven
16. Are you on a desktop computer or a laptop? computer
17. Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos? no.
18. Would you ever date anyone covered in tattoos? no.
19. What were you doing before this? blog hopping
20. When is the last time you slept on the floor? two months ago
21. How many hours of sleep do you need to function? 8 but can't get it
22. Do you eat breakfast daily? yes!

(CLOSED) Come & Join Giveaways from Las Vegas

(This was posted first  in my Earn Money Online site, but due to my negligence, I added walk thru  in the contest first instead of the other).

SavvyMama is hosting her first time ever giveaway contest. She's giving away FREE STUFF from Las Vegas. After the contests, there will be another two giveaways, so you better watch-out for it!! :) It's very easy to join:

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A Commemorative Coin

Are you an enthusiast of collecting coins? This is also known as a King’s Hobby. The motivations of collecting coins is varied, some hobbyist collect it for fun and enthusiasm. The other reason is investment; depending on the value of the coin. It is like a land, as the years go by the value of the land will go up.

I have this commemorative coin. This coin had passed a lot of hands. What I mean is this: It was given to my Aunt from her former Korean mother-in-law as token. I guess she was grateful and happy to have her as her daughter-in-law. After that, my aunt gave it to my father who in turn gives it to my mother for keepsake.

We are always moving on different locations; mother decided to give it to me for safekeeping. I have no knowledge of the coins worth but the personal value of this coin is very important to me.

 Sorry, it's blurred, I am only using my cellphone camera.

This is a commemorative coin when the Olympic was held in Seoul, Korea in 1988. Here’s the information from the coin.
XXIV Olympiad Seoul 1988
10000 Won

Blog for A Cause (Help for a Baby with Hernia)

I have not experienced being pregnant or have a child at this age. It was only my bulging tummy. Sadly, I can’t do anything financially to help them except by re-posting:

That’s Baby Belle 8months old. Oh, I grabbed this photo from Pehpots Make or Break blog. Of course, I grabbed the photo without their knowledge. I hope I won’t be jailed from doing that. I am only kidding, sorry I didn’t ask permission guys.

This baby is suffering from Hernia. (Quoted from Red’s post):
“A HERNIA is the protrusion of an organ through the wall of the cavity that normally contains it. When a hernia is not repaired, it may become strangulated. When strangulation occurs, there is a danger that part of the intestine be caught in the hernia cutting off blood supply to the tissue. Also, when a bowel obstruction occurs, it leads to severe pain, vomiting, nausea and inability to have a bowel movement or pass gas.”
In order to raise funds for Bella’s operation, a blogger will purchase a blog review from her that costs $10. No need to worry because hers is a Page Rank 3 blog. The review consists of 150 words with 2 links (home page link) and an image of the header or screen shot of the blog to be reviewed. One link with the blog title as the anchor text and the other link are on the image. 

If you want to purchase a blog review, send an email to Ms Ruby []. That includes the url of the blog for review. A reply from Ms Ruby consists of url of the post and paypal.

If you want to know more about the baby, just click -for the baby's fund donor > Bella Grace: Fund Donors page. 

If you had extra money to help and donate, please send her an email! Thank you.

Father's Day

As I made my walked around the Blogosphere, I always read about Father’s day.

I would like to share this to you because I know it is not only me who has encountered this kind of life’s happenings.

Father had done mistakes with our family. It involves another woman – another mistress! Eventually, our feelings towards him have changed especially me. I will come near his path and would turn away from him. Feeling is gone of a daughter towards his father.

Of course, mother had done everything to win him back; to make him stay back in the house. We do not know the real reason. Is it my mother’s love towards our father? Or is it because of us his grown-up children.
But then, it was changed! He had a heart attack and high blood pressure! We are only two siblings! I am the only one living here in the Philippines while the other is out of the country. It happened for a reason, I think. I came back as his daughter and watched him in the hospital.

Father's Day Comments from God has its own way! Whatever had happened, we can not change it! The blood that's within us! Bygones be bygones!

He will always be our DADDY, my PAPA!

The Artist In Me

I love to cut even if I can’t do it straight! Yes, I can not cut it straight. Sometimes, I asked someone else to do it for me or I have to do it with a grunt. I have few materials for a scrapbook but it’s always set aside and kept in a box. 

I miss the time when I've worked in an Internet Cafe wherein we accept graduation pamphlets, school certificates, wedding invitations and any cards. I do all the design with the use of  Print Artist (clip art) and Microsoft Word only for the encoding and word art.

Someone told me to self-study Photoshop online but I find it hard to understand. I am slow to learn new things. That is why I prefer to hear it first from a teacher who will guide me the basics then I will do it online for further information. That is how my slow pace goes.

A nurse asked me to help her with the encoding and signage's/slogan: It was like my ears are flapping with excitement! I feel happy and glad she asked me! I browse the net for photos and change the font style of the old one. Of course, the statement is the same but it will be different when it comes to design. It is done in black and white because we have an ink problem with Mr. Printer.

I forgot the term, but I add the "look-like-a-stick-man" for fun
sitting in the "not" word. It catches the eye and will make them laugh

 That's in Filipino language. It says, "What I need is the THE MILK 
FROM MOMMY to stay Healthy, Smart and Alert."

What do you think mommies and babies? Do you agree?

Adgitize: Traffic Rating & Adgi-score

 Yeheyyy!! Do you mind if I jump up and down? Oh the earth won’t shake with my jumping! Don’t worry about that. I was very happy to see traffic rating & adgi-score after a day! Take a look! Only for A DAY!

I’ve been checking my traffic rating and adgi-score in Adgitize website! The result is N/A and they can’t find the blog. The reason I know is that I did not visit 100 websites a day! A friend Marose a.k.a. Red checked my site and told me there’s she did not see an adgitize banner! I wonder how come she didn’t see it. I had one banner in my personal blog, though! I notice in other blogs there’s the word “Adgitize Me” with two columns of different badges. Now, I know! Oh my wrong thought beats me! I thought that those 2 columns with it six badges are only for those adgitzers who pays $14. I was wrong! After adding my blog, I did not click the GET CODE tab. So, I went back and hurriedly get code and add it in my page.

Fortunately, a website has a banner that says “Adgitizing Made Easy – 100 Points”. Without second thought, I click it divert me to Pehpot’s Make or Break with a post for Adgitizing Made Easy! They have created an adgitize tool to make it easier for us to click 100 sites a day! Visit them here.

All you have to do is copy the code and paste it (add html) in your blog’s lay-out.

Saturday: A Very Tiring Day

I was real, really tired! Ten o’clock was an early hour for me to log on the computer and do the marathon! It was like a marathon because I opened seven (8) windows and each window has five (5) tabs. Partly, I haven’t organized and list the what-to-do-first online.

Let me summarize it: 
  1. I open three pic (paid-to-click) sites. This was easy because you can leave a window after another window. Then, go back and check each window for 1 minute or 2 minutes. 
  2. The 4th window is the wherein, you will read articles and rate it. 
  3. 5th Window was website. In this site, for every message who gave me a favor, I visit their blog and kissed their ads. After the kiss, I will send them a message – favor done! 
  4. 6th window is my blog dashboard. I tried changing my blog template in one of my sites to the new designs of blogspot. As a result, my widgets went somersault. Good thing, I download the old template and returned to its old state! 
  5. The 7th window is my Facebook, but I kept on refreshing it for available gifts and new messages. 
  6. 8th window is the – I told myself that I will give my best to have a 100 points. And so I did.
I stopped for meals and then went back to a computer! I’ve ended at 8 pm! I feel very tired and exhausted! I left the computer and took a nap in the bed for how many minutes, I don’t know! I took a bath because I taste salt, already! Then, I went back to the computer and log on to Blog Catalog when my boyfriend asked me for dinner time. Well, that’s refreshing because I made two posts! Yeheyyy!


A Mother’s Cry and Her Bad Girl

You may wonder and asked why I kept on posting about mothers. It wasn't easy for me to forget everything that happened. Its one year and 3 months when mother was laid to her grave.

She knows she was going to die but she cannot accept those facts. She cried out and worried that we won’t be together as a family again once, she will leave us. How she painstakingly gave her heart and soul for her family.

Why would I not cry emotionally after she told me, “Lisa, I don’t want to die”! My heart was squeezed by mixed emotions! I want to help her but there is nothing I can do to alleviate her pain and desire to live! As the days go by, I feel like a robot, trying not to feel the emotions. Until…

I carry a huge guilt on my shoulders! Why? I tell you!

I am always out of the house and returned at 10 0’clock in the evening. What am I doing? I went to the City’s Public Market and Groceries Store. I bought food items for the house and mother’s medical needs. Then, I dropped by in an Internet Café with all the shopping goodies and all. Dropping by in an Internet Café eats most of the time. I played an online game there and download songs (unknown to the watcher). I was fascinated with the game that I forgot all my responsibilities, my emotions and most of all the time!

Now, this happened when mother was bed-ridden. I left her with my crippled father and an innocent and young housemaid. Crippled because my father had a stroked from previous years. He can walk but he can’t move his right hand. He’s fast and crazy of sending messages to girl friends. The housemaid was innocent and very young. She’s 14 years old.

I perhaps trusted enough because she can cook. Until such time, a   neighbor who came to visit our house told me that my mother is limp. She looks white! And that made me rush her to the hospital. I know I am irresponsible!

When my mother died, my neighbor told me that mother cried because she does not want to die! She does not want to die because she wants to take care of us her children. How many times did I mention these words in my previous? I am sorry if I go on like an old and broken phonograph record. My emotions and feelings of guilt are overwhelming when it comes to my mother.

My mother is fond of keeping old wallets and other staff. I saw inside the wallet/s are pictures of me and my youngest brother. It was too late to know and understand her way of professing her love for us as we grow older.
Photo credits:
Share Faith Media For a Modern Church

I Am Sick

not feeling well
Credits: Chumpy's Clip Art
I am sick! Call the doctor very, very quick! I am not feeling well yesterday! That's Wednesday! A achoo!! I keep sneezing the whole day and blowing my nose that turned red! And howdy? Do I look like a reindeer now? I can't stop myself to sneeze, do you?

Wednesday morning, I feel so lazy, my head aches. My sneezing was turned to a runny nose. No! My nose did not run and jump out of my face. It was turned to cold and sort of watery. I took my medicine, drink a lot of water and lemon juice. My voice has changed - croaky. Someone told me did you have a cold! Yes, I have, want some? She ends laughing.

As a savvy computer addict, I tried to log on the computer because there are a lot of things to do. But, I feel the world is spinning. So, I went back to sleep and rest! I woke up at 6pm and was surprised to know that my boyfriend did not eat his lunch. He was waiting for me. Oh my toes are curling!

We took our late lunch! Again, hard-headed me, I tried to sneak on the computer but my eyes seems to drop out of its suckle! I just reply a little message here and drop a little over there! Then log out and went back to sleep.

And now, I was hoping to feel better! And I am! The runny nose stop running. I can breathe clearly but can not stopped my drowsiness in front of the computer. Yes, on the computer~! Cherie, I want to do more hopping and reading! My loving boyfriend came and told me to rest! But I said, No because I haven't finished yet.

In a matter of minutes I did and this is one of them! :)

An Eco-Village: Build in Sandbags and Barbed-Wires

I was blog-hopping when I saw an eco-friendly website “Creating a Better World” who wrote a widget on her left side bar that reads “Donate to Eco-Village: Affordable Eco-housing for Homeless and Low Income Families. I clicked the link and it diverted me to The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture . They have a gallery of amazing Eco-Friendly homes that looks like a clay from the outside/exterior but when you see the inside/interior. It was fantastic and amazing! I was really fascinated by this.

The world-renowned architect was Nader Khalili who is a humanitarian at the same time. Nader was an Iranian born citizen with 9 children. He was inspired by a Persian language poet concerning humanity and these elements, “Earth, Water, Air and Fire”. He used these elements to build Super Adobe/Ceramic Houses.

How does the house made? The houses are made of sandbags and barbed wires. For further information, click it here. They will not just put it there, of course they undergo studies to make it reliable and sturdy for a family to live in.

He passed away at the age of 72. If you want more information about him, click it here

More photos below:
The interior

The exterior
You can browse and view all of these from their website. The link is > California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture

What do you think if we have it here, built in the Philippines for the Homeless citizens? I think it's exquisite! :)

What is Maremma?

sheepdog, puppy, maremma
What is Maremma? Maremma is a name of a breed livestock guardian dog whose origin came from Italy. It was a Sheep dog who watched and guards a herd of goats and sheep’s. You can rely on him.

Solid muscular built with thick white coat, large head and a black nose that often change during the years of aging. Her coat sometimes has a tinge of yellow and golden brown especially when the sun hit’s her coat. The ears are V-shaped and pointed. The eyes are black or gray and stares at you lovingly and intelligently. Now this is funny because his tail is short or low shape with thick long hair.

maremma, sheepdog, dog
Maremma is a friendly dog and well-balanced flock guardian. It is also an excellent companion. Sober, intelligent, wise, affectionate, brave and loyal. When the dog hears something, her ears would suddenly prick out or stand upward and listen to the noise then he'll check it out. It will defend its house and master. It is an amazing dog who loves his work, a terrible enemy of the wolf but tame with a man.

23.5 – 28.5 inches (60 – 73 cm)

66 – 100 pounds (33 – 45 kgs)



Tragic Story of My Dog

maremma, shepherd dog
My neighbor who owns his mother gave him to another neighbor next to her house. But, Magic was usually left alone because the family usually visits their farm in the mountain. He went outside and looked for food. Then, he came to my house and went inside the kitchen as if we are friends, already.

When I first saw him, I said to myself, “I WANT THIS PUPPY!” - He has a white, curly hair. Naughty me! I kept feeding him until he stayed in our house. My neighbor kept looking for him, so I decided to tell them and returned the puppy. But, Magic always came to visit me for the food.

In taking care of him, this is what I do: For feeding, I always see to it that he’s water can is full. Every time he feels thirsty, he will just go straight to the can to drink. I bathed him, shampooed, toweled dry and combed his hair. Clean his water can and food bowl every time he finished eating.

We played together and chased each other around the house. Sometimes, he waked me up by nudging his nose on my cheeks. He was like my best friend and buddy.

As a dog, he showed his strictness bad side and naughtiness. If he’s eating, don’t touch him, you will hear him growl at you. I closed the door during night time, Magic is inside the house. When he feels like peeing or dirty (dog’s waste), he would scratch the door and make a noise. It looks like he was crying to wake you up and let him out. One time, we’re out of town, I asked my neighbor and pay him to watch and feed him inside the house. I forgot to tell him that Magic will make some noise if he wants to pee. When we get back, I saw the wall, that divides our kitchen and living room, had a big hole in it. My neighbor told me that it was done by Magic. He wants to go out, but he did not understand it. If you see Magic and another dog coming, do not clap your hands to make both dogs fight. Magic will surely rush and bark towards you instead of the other dog. If you give him food and he doesn’t know you, he will smell it first or leave it. This usually happens in the wet market; some of the fish sold had Formalin. One time, we feed him with a fish with Formalin (First, I had no idea about it.), he suddenly went outside and tried to vomit it. …. A passer-by on a tricycle unknowingly dropped the fish she brought from the market. Some of the dogs smell it and bite it then ran, but Magic only smell it and leave. If you visit me in the house, Magic is there to guard me against you by putting himself in the center. If you want to get inside the house, he’ll watch your feet twice, on 3rd he will bite your ankle but will not clamp his mouth. Of course, my friend will shout help but I told him to not worry, Magic only tells you to be careful. I will call my dog’s name and said, “Magic, stop it! Don’t do that”. Then, he’ll release it.

One night, I came home from work. Magic was under the house of my neighbor. I can hear his yelping but, it was late in the evening so, I went to sleep and go to work the following morning. But, I decided to go home early in the afternoon to check on him. I called him out and all I can hear was his yelping. I went inside our house to change and clean a bit. After that, I shout and called him, again. This time, I can hear his barking and yelping. As soon as I went out. I saw him crawling his way to our fence. I realized he couldn't walk. I ran and carry him in my arms. Tears are running in my face because I knew that it's time for him to leave. He was breathing heavily. I tried to pour water on his face but it has no effect on him. I hug him tightly and asked sorry for what had happened to him. Until, I can feel him shaking and he's gone. 

I couldn't contain myself for what had happened to him. I feel guilty because he was a part of me. I neglected him. No one is there to feed him when I am out. Even, if my neighbor tried to feed him but it isn't enough for him. This happened when I went back to school for two years and found worked, thereafter. Magic died at the age of 12 years. 

From that on, I made a promise to stay in the house if I have another dog to take care of. It’ll be off the same breed – Maremma Sheep Dog.

I Made My Button! Grab it NOW!

What the heck is that? You think there's something fishy about the word? Gee, you were only thinking of a fish. I am referring to a button for my blog. Actually, it was the Entrecard who pushed me to create one. The Entrecard droppers understand it. For others, Entrecard is like a business card you give to a business partner or someone whom you will do business with.

I opened my email and caught a glimpse of  a new one. It was an email from Entrecard, stating that I am approved or my site is approved. I did not read the whole bunch of emails because my head was spinning already. It’s five o’clock in the morning! The best place to jump off is my BED!

Anyway, I opened my email, a tab for Entrecard and another tab for googling Entrecard. I need to know more information of  it  especially the-how-to and what-to-do about it. From the information I’ve read, I have to create a special image for my card to drop off. I searched for different photos on the net, saved it. Then, click each image and stared for 2-3 minutes and asked myself if this is the right photo? Entrecard is very strict with the image’s width and height. I use paint and  my live signature website for the words in the image. And here's the result:

Voila! My new button! I will use this as my blog's button and image on Entrecard. I will put the button and code on the side bar next. Of course, I will have to search on how to do it! Any suggestions?
I will post the codes next time because the image shows instead of the html codes.

Mother Found Her Kids Through Facebook

A breaking news from the CNN entitled, “Kidnapped Kids Found in Facebook. Here’s the link if you want to see the news in video.

Yes, a mother was so excited to find her kids after 15 long years. I bet she’s jumping up and down! She found them through Facebook. According to the report, their Dad took off with the two kids ages 3 and 2 years old in 1995.

Their Dad remarried and had a son. Then, he told his daughters that their step-mom is their own mother. Now their Dad was behind bars.

I think even if the mother was very excited, she’ll be facing trouble with her kids. Psychologically and emotionally, her kid’s feelings have changed towards her. And after knowing their Dad is behind bars, I don’t think they will pass it by. Guess, these kids were confused of the situation.

I can only imagination the mother’s excitement and the children’s confused emotions. Her kids are now 17 and 16 years old.

My Post's Live Signature

Do you want to have a signature shown in every post? Just go to my live signature and then you have to or not to create an account, unless you want to save every signature you created.

It's very easy! You have to choose three methods: (1) Use signature creation wizard; (2) Hand draw your personal signature (3) Using a scanned image/scanned signature.

I suggest you use the "Use signature creation wizard". It will guide you, step by step. In every step, there are 1 to 10 choices. After creating your live signature, save it. Then click, "Use Sigs" tab in the website header then generate the Html code. Here's a link on how to insert your signature in the blogpost. No need to worry because in every guide, you will also see a picture. So, you don't have to open wide and roll your eyes on your screen as to where on earth is this and that. 

Now, after I follow it, I found out the signature stays on top! What I did is I type my post in the Edit HTML tab (but not finishing it), not the Compose because you will have a hard time moving that signature photo of yours. While in Edit HTML, you only have to press ENTER key  to send the signature HTML codes below, from this post. After doing so, you can go back to your COMPOSE tab, if you find it more comfortable. At least, you send that signature photo under, below or whatever you call it! :)

Oh! You can use this signature in  forums (bb code generate) and in sending emails (html code generate). Isn't that wonderful? :D