I Made My Button! Grab it NOW!

What the heck is that? You think there's something fishy about the word? Gee, you were only thinking of a fish. I am referring to a button for my blog. Actually, it was the Entrecard who pushed me to create one. The Entrecard droppers understand it. For others, Entrecard is like a business card you give to a business partner or someone whom you will do business with.

I opened my email and caught a glimpse of  a new one. It was an email from Entrecard, stating that I am approved or my site is approved. I did not read the whole bunch of emails because my head was spinning already. It’s five o’clock in the morning! The best place to jump off is my BED!

Anyway, I opened my email, a tab for Entrecard and another tab for googling Entrecard. I need to know more information of  it  especially the-how-to and what-to-do about it. From the information I’ve read, I have to create a special image for my card to drop off. I searched for different photos on the net, saved it. Then, click each image and stared for 2-3 minutes and asked myself if this is the right photo? Entrecard is very strict with the image’s width and height. I use paint and  my live signature website for the words in the image. And here's the result:

Voila! My new button! I will use this as my blog's button and image on Entrecard. I will put the button and code on the side bar next. Of course, I will have to search on how to do it! Any suggestions?
I will post the codes next time because the image shows instead of the html codes.

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