Father's Day

As I made my walked around the Blogosphere, I always read about Father’s day.

I would like to share this to you because I know it is not only me who has encountered this kind of life’s happenings.

Father had done mistakes with our family. It involves another woman – another mistress! Eventually, our feelings towards him have changed especially me. I will come near his path and would turn away from him. Feeling is gone of a daughter towards his father.

Of course, mother had done everything to win him back; to make him stay back in the house. We do not know the real reason. Is it my mother’s love towards our father? Or is it because of us his grown-up children.
But then, it was changed! He had a heart attack and high blood pressure! We are only two siblings! I am the only one living here in the Philippines while the other is out of the country. It happened for a reason, I think. I came back as his daughter and watched him in the hospital.

Father's Day Comments from Dolliecrave.com God has its own way! Whatever had happened, we can not change it! The blood that's within us! Bygones be bygones!

He will always be our DADDY, my PAPA!


  1. I congratulate you for loving still your father. You're a real Christian. Happy father"s day to your dad and to all fathers in this world.

  2. blood is thicker that water, no matter what happens, his blood is in your blood, this only shows how good a daughter and a person you are.. Happy father's day to your dad..

  3. Hi!

    @Salvy - Thank you! Happy father's day to all men! :)

    @josie - *blush.. yes, blood is thicker than water. Happy father's day to your husband :)

  4. awww, he's just human dear prone to temptation .. what is important is acceptance ... my father too did, but I told him to just let me finish my school and bahala na siya kung anung gusto niyang gawin ... my mom too was open he said if you like other woman, go! don't bug us anymore... hahahha, nung ganun ang sinabi sa kanya di na niya ginawa.. natakot... hahahah!

  5. @Vernz
    after college po ako nun. Honestly payag kami if he won't come back pero love ng nanay ko, though. She denied it, because of us daw. O siya, sige.. because of you! ^^