My Post's Live Signature

Do you want to have a signature shown in every post? Just go to my live signature and then you have to or not to create an account, unless you want to save every signature you created.

It's very easy! You have to choose three methods: (1) Use signature creation wizard; (2) Hand draw your personal signature (3) Using a scanned image/scanned signature.

I suggest you use the "Use signature creation wizard". It will guide you, step by step. In every step, there are 1 to 10 choices. After creating your live signature, save it. Then click, "Use Sigs" tab in the website header then generate the Html code. Here's a link on how to insert your signature in the blogpost. No need to worry because in every guide, you will also see a picture. So, you don't have to open wide and roll your eyes on your screen as to where on earth is this and that. 

Now, after I follow it, I found out the signature stays on top! What I did is I type my post in the Edit HTML tab (but not finishing it), not the Compose because you will have a hard time moving that signature photo of yours. While in Edit HTML, you only have to press ENTER key  to send the signature HTML codes below, from this post. After doing so, you can go back to your COMPOSE tab, if you find it more comfortable. At least, you send that signature photo under, below or whatever you call it! :)

Oh! You can use this signature in  forums (bb code generate) and in sending emails (html code generate). Isn't that wonderful? :D

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