Adgitize: Traffic Rating & Adgi-score

 Yeheyyy!! Do you mind if I jump up and down? Oh the earth won’t shake with my jumping! Don’t worry about that. I was very happy to see traffic rating & adgi-score after a day! Take a look! Only for A DAY!

I’ve been checking my traffic rating and adgi-score in Adgitize website! The result is N/A and they can’t find the blog. The reason I know is that I did not visit 100 websites a day! A friend Marose a.k.a. Red checked my site and told me there’s she did not see an adgitize banner! I wonder how come she didn’t see it. I had one banner in my personal blog, though! I notice in other blogs there’s the word “Adgitize Me” with two columns of different badges. Now, I know! Oh my wrong thought beats me! I thought that those 2 columns with it six badges are only for those adgitzers who pays $14. I was wrong! After adding my blog, I did not click the GET CODE tab. So, I went back and hurriedly get code and add it in my page.

Fortunately, a website has a banner that says “Adgitizing Made Easy – 100 Points”. Without second thought, I click it divert me to Pehpot’s Make or Break with a post for Adgitizing Made Easy! They have created an adgitize tool to make it easier for us to click 100 sites a day! Visit them here.

All you have to do is copy the code and paste it (add html) in your blog’s lay-out.


  1. Maganda siya sis.. scores will be converted to cash pero i don't know the equivalent.

  2. yes, you need to copy the code given to you, coz ur customer id was also in the code, that's how they track your performance, if you have multiple blogs, each was given it's unique code, so don't just copy code from your other site..btw thanks for visiting..

  3. Thank you for the tips Josie. :) - I was so naive hehe...

    Your welcome!