Tragic Story of My Dog

maremma, shepherd dog
My neighbor who owns his mother gave him to another neighbor next to her house. But, Magic was usually left alone because the family usually visits their farm in the mountain. He went outside and looked for food. Then, he came to my house and went inside the kitchen as if we are friends, already.

When I first saw him, I said to myself, “I WANT THIS PUPPY!” - He has a white, curly hair. Naughty me! I kept feeding him until he stayed in our house. My neighbor kept looking for him, so I decided to tell them and returned the puppy. But, Magic always came to visit me for the food.

In taking care of him, this is what I do: For feeding, I always see to it that he’s water can is full. Every time he feels thirsty, he will just go straight to the can to drink. I bathed him, shampooed, toweled dry and combed his hair. Clean his water can and food bowl every time he finished eating.

We played together and chased each other around the house. Sometimes, he waked me up by nudging his nose on my cheeks. He was like my best friend and buddy.

As a dog, he showed his strictness bad side and naughtiness. If he’s eating, don’t touch him, you will hear him growl at you. I closed the door during night time, Magic is inside the house. When he feels like peeing or dirty (dog’s waste), he would scratch the door and make a noise. It looks like he was crying to wake you up and let him out. One time, we’re out of town, I asked my neighbor and pay him to watch and feed him inside the house. I forgot to tell him that Magic will make some noise if he wants to pee. When we get back, I saw the wall, that divides our kitchen and living room, had a big hole in it. My neighbor told me that it was done by Magic. He wants to go out, but he did not understand it. If you see Magic and another dog coming, do not clap your hands to make both dogs fight. Magic will surely rush and bark towards you instead of the other dog. If you give him food and he doesn’t know you, he will smell it first or leave it. This usually happens in the wet market; some of the fish sold had Formalin. One time, we feed him with a fish with Formalin (First, I had no idea about it.), he suddenly went outside and tried to vomit it. …. A passer-by on a tricycle unknowingly dropped the fish she brought from the market. Some of the dogs smell it and bite it then ran, but Magic only smell it and leave. If you visit me in the house, Magic is there to guard me against you by putting himself in the center. If you want to get inside the house, he’ll watch your feet twice, on 3rd he will bite your ankle but will not clamp his mouth. Of course, my friend will shout help but I told him to not worry, Magic only tells you to be careful. I will call my dog’s name and said, “Magic, stop it! Don’t do that”. Then, he’ll release it.

One night, I came home from work. Magic was under the house of my neighbor. I can hear his yelping but, it was late in the evening so, I went to sleep and go to work the following morning. But, I decided to go home early in the afternoon to check on him. I called him out and all I can hear was his yelping. I went inside our house to change and clean a bit. After that, I shout and called him, again. This time, I can hear his barking and yelping. As soon as I went out. I saw him crawling his way to our fence. I realized he couldn't walk. I ran and carry him in my arms. Tears are running in my face because I knew that it's time for him to leave. He was breathing heavily. I tried to pour water on his face but it has no effect on him. I hug him tightly and asked sorry for what had happened to him. Until, I can feel him shaking and he's gone. 

I couldn't contain myself for what had happened to him. I feel guilty because he was a part of me. I neglected him. No one is there to feed him when I am out. Even, if my neighbor tried to feed him but it isn't enough for him. This happened when I went back to school for two years and found worked, thereafter. Magic died at the age of 12 years. 

From that on, I made a promise to stay in the house if I have another dog to take care of. It’ll be off the same breed – Maremma Sheep Dog.

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