Saturday: A Very Tiring Day

I was real, really tired! Ten o’clock was an early hour for me to log on the computer and do the marathon! It was like a marathon because I opened seven (8) windows and each window has five (5) tabs. Partly, I haven’t organized and list the what-to-do-first online.

Let me summarize it: 
  1. I open three pic (paid-to-click) sites. This was easy because you can leave a window after another window. Then, go back and check each window for 1 minute or 2 minutes. 
  2. The 4th window is the wherein, you will read articles and rate it. 
  3. 5th Window was website. In this site, for every message who gave me a favor, I visit their blog and kissed their ads. After the kiss, I will send them a message – favor done! 
  4. 6th window is my blog dashboard. I tried changing my blog template in one of my sites to the new designs of blogspot. As a result, my widgets went somersault. Good thing, I download the old template and returned to its old state! 
  5. The 7th window is my Facebook, but I kept on refreshing it for available gifts and new messages. 
  6. 8th window is the – I told myself that I will give my best to have a 100 points. And so I did.
I stopped for meals and then went back to a computer! I’ve ended at 8 pm! I feel very tired and exhausted! I left the computer and took a nap in the bed for how many minutes, I don’t know! I took a bath because I taste salt, already! Then, I went back to the computer and log on to Blog Catalog when my boyfriend asked me for dinner time. Well, that’s refreshing because I made two posts! Yeheyyy!


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