Mother Found Her Kids Through Facebook

A breaking news from the CNN entitled, “Kidnapped Kids Found in Facebook. Here’s the link if you want to see the news in video.

Yes, a mother was so excited to find her kids after 15 long years. I bet she’s jumping up and down! She found them through Facebook. According to the report, their Dad took off with the two kids ages 3 and 2 years old in 1995.

Their Dad remarried and had a son. Then, he told his daughters that their step-mom is their own mother. Now their Dad was behind bars.

I think even if the mother was very excited, she’ll be facing trouble with her kids. Psychologically and emotionally, her kid’s feelings have changed towards her. And after knowing their Dad is behind bars, I don’t think they will pass it by. Guess, these kids were confused of the situation.

I can only imagination the mother’s excitement and the children’s confused emotions. Her kids are now 17 and 16 years old.

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