I Am Sick

not feeling well
Credits: Chumpy's Clip Art
I am sick! Call the doctor very, very quick! I am not feeling well yesterday! That's Wednesday! A achoo!! I keep sneezing the whole day and blowing my nose that turned red! And howdy? Do I look like a reindeer now? I can't stop myself to sneeze, do you?

Wednesday morning, I feel so lazy, my head aches. My sneezing was turned to a runny nose. No! My nose did not run and jump out of my face. It was turned to cold and sort of watery. I took my medicine, drink a lot of water and lemon juice. My voice has changed - croaky. Someone told me did you have a cold! Yes, I have, want some? She ends laughing.

As a savvy computer addict, I tried to log on the computer because there are a lot of things to do. But, I feel the world is spinning. So, I went back to sleep and rest! I woke up at 6pm and was surprised to know that my boyfriend did not eat his lunch. He was waiting for me. Oh my toes are curling!

We took our late lunch! Again, hard-headed me, I tried to sneak on the computer but my eyes seems to drop out of its suckle! I just reply a little message here and drop a little over there! Then log out and went back to sleep.

And now, I was hoping to feel better! And I am! The runny nose stop running. I can breathe clearly but can not stopped my drowsiness in front of the computer. Yes, on the computer~! Cherie, I want to do more hopping and reading! My loving boyfriend came and told me to rest! But I said, No because I haven't finished yet.

In a matter of minutes I did and this is one of them! :)


  1. sorry you're sick... get well soon... thanks for adding my badge... i added yours too!

  2. I hope you are now feeling great, it's sad to be sick.. Thanks for the visit!

  3. Thank you very much guys! I am well now, thank you. It's only my voice :). Good mornight! :D