Google’s Birthday Doodle Surprise

google bday greetings
It’s my big day, yesterday! I was surprised and happy when I saw Google’s doodle on my Firefox browser. Yay, look at that! Google has really made my day. It’s simple but it means more to me. Thank you so much, Google.

Can’t Help but Pray

This is what I mean when a friend, Mai had post this message in Facebook:
The saddest thing is when you want to give but you have nothing to give. You cannot give what you do not have. Be thankful, though, that you are the giver and not the seeker.
I want to give and help him financially but I can’t. I have no money to give him.    I have no source of income, though. I am seeking and trying hard to look for an opportunity. My father had suffered a mild stroke.  I am not around to help, either because we’re oceans apart. I tried calling him but he was transferred to another house  by his youngest sister. A relative told me to visit him! Oh, I will if I can only pay the fare + other expenses. It sounds rude but true.

It is really difficult emotionally since I am the eldest of two siblings. At the same time, I am worried because I have no news from my father, right now. All I can do is to pray to God Almighty that he will prolong and sustain his health for us.

My Bucket List

While sitting on my bed, creating a bucket list came into my mind. It has no specific date or year. I know it’ll take time for me to work on it.  So, here it goes:
  1. Moving the remains of my mother – It’s a long time wish! My mother died from cervical cancer. She was buried in Butuan City - year 2009. It’s my brother’s decision.  He lived their before and had a good life but time has changed. He left that place and stayed in Metro Manila for good. While my father stayed in her sister’s house in Iligan City.  Sad to say my mother’s remains was left behind.  That is why I really, really want to moved her to Iligan City where her siblings, nieces and nephews lived.
  2. Visiting My Father – I haven’t seen my father for five (5) years. There were grudges but then he is still my father whatever happens. Also, he’s very old now.  He did not have a chance to see, hug and tease my son. That is why I’m longing to visit him, one day, with my son.
  3. Annulment – I’m separated and now lives with another man who had given me a son for the first time. I have apprehension in telling the truth for my son’s safetyFiling for an annulment is very  expensive in the Philippines and there is no divorce. If I am not mistaken, the total cost runs from three hundred thousand pesos (P300,000.00 equivalent to $6,959.16) to five hundred thousand pesos (P500,000.00 equivalent to $11,598.59). Unfortunately, I don’t have that amount.
  4. House and Lot – First and foremost, we do not have a house. I am not looking for a big plush; luxury house. I prefer a small bungalow type that I can call my own until I grow old. Why small? When your child marries and leave you behind or pursue a career in another place, we’ll be left behind. If something goes wrong, your child will come back and stay. FYI, we are only allowed to stay and lived in the internet shop provided that we pay the rent, electricity and water consumption.
  5. Son’s Education – I want to give him the best education he deserved and finished it. I’ll be supportive in whatever he choose for his life as long as it is for good and his future.
  6. Computer and Laptop – I don’t have a computer and laptop. We do not own the computer I use for writing and gaming.  How I wish I have my own to set the settings and customize desktop background and screensaver. I want a laptop if my son want to use the computer.
  7. Cellphone – :) I already have a cell phone but I need to upgrade it from the basic. Who wants an Instagram application?! Oh gee, I want, I really do but my cell phone can’t do it. For all I know, it is only applicable to an iPhone or an Android. So, whatever cell phone you can buy for me is okay as long as it has an Instagram application. :)

Oh, my bucket list did not reach number 10. Geeh! As of this time, that is all I can think of but I will update this until it reach to number 10 Important Bucket Lists in my life.

Hacked! Pinterest Account

As you all know, I create a Pinterest account for contest repins and follows. The truth is I really have no  idea what to do with it.

I received a lot of emails saying this name repinned my pin “according to MNSBC it looks like working from home… board”.  pinterest

I may be looking for work online but never create a board and a photo/pin for the best jobs in America. This is what happened to The Crafty Military Wife Pinterest. It was also hacked. I’ve tried to delete the board and the photo, but it will recreate itself. I had no idea where it came from.

If you want to see, try to search this in Google using this words “Pinterest board according to MNSBC it looks like”. Make sure your Pinterest account is not open – to be safety. You’ll be amazed on what I’ve found. A Pinterest account has a lot of that boards. Aside from what they said: hacked; spammed. To me, it looks like a virus that creates itself and spammed your board.

To avoid for more repins and spam of my that board, I had deactivated it and will recreate another one.


I've been  experiencing dizziness in the past weeks.  Whenever I woke up in the morning, it seems like the room is turning around. I have to close my eyes, again and hold on to my pillow to pass that feeling.  After a few minutes, I perspire a lot. It’s really difficult to get up.  Sometimes, I still feel groggy but, I have to get up to do the routine for my son.

It’s a feeling that I've endured for almost a month, I think. One time, my husbands’ family (his father and siblings) arrived from Dumaguete. We have to rise early because it takes 3 hours or more to travel to Manila. There you go, again! I feel dizzy that my husband told me to cancel the trip. I told him not to do that. I can go, I'll be okay in a few minutes, I assured him. In my mind, I know I am not okay and we will go. It’s his moment to meet his family after 10 years of stay here in Greater Manila.

To tell you, I am neither pregnant nor high blood. A nurse had given me a medicine. She told me to take it whenever I feel dizzy. I only took one tab and observed. It has treated me for more than three hours, though. I feel like I'm walking in the air.

I missed the “tuob” and a nice whole body massage afterwards. Tuob is a Cebuano word for a person sitting or standing, wrap in a blanket. Underneath a chair, is a hot pot with boiled leaves. After a few minutes, the lady would tell you to lay down for the massage. Oohhlala! Another is “buhot”, wherein you're wrapped in a blanket and left the head part open, so you can take a breath. Then, the woman would puff a smoke of tobacco (made from dried tobacco leaves) inside the blanket to warm your joints. This is what I usually do in the province, when I am not feeling well.

Last night, I took a bath with warm water. As of now, I feel less dizzy unlike before. I'm hoping it'll be gone.

No Internet Connection

Lovelies, I'm sorry I was not able to update you for three days and half. I have no internet connection that started last Sunday afternoon at around 2pm. I thought it's my husband fault, but I was wrong. The PLDT base in our location was struck by lightning. I'm not surprised because it's raining hard.

Since, we don't have internet for more than three days, we played LAN games to pass the time, though. I am worried because of an important conversation that stop and the contests I promised to join with my blogger friend.

But, thank God, internet connection is up now. Although, it's only few hours left to join the said contest. Better late than never! :) Happy!

Little Time for A Busy Mom

I’m sorry, I have a little time in creating a post for this blog in the past weeks. I’ve been busy as a mother of my little boy. He’s very active and needs my care especially when we seek a medical help.

He was hospitalized because of the Urinary Tract Infection. The doctor found out that he needs circumcision to further avoid U.T.I.

And since, it’s summer, we had a chance to accompany the hospital staff in their yearly summer getaway. We went to Malamig Park Resort in Bustos, Bulacan. It’s far but worth it.
Enjoy and have fun this summer!

Wishing You a Blessed Good Friday

 When God had given up his life for all! Wishing you a Blessed Good Friday!

I Love Silence

image source

This is what I want! Everyone's asleep while I am alone facing the computer and tinkling the keys. During the waking hours, I can hardly do this writing, especially when:

My little one is awakeHe's only two years old. Whenever he needs me or my attention, he'll shout "Mama" and keep on repeating it. It's loud that makes some people laugh. Whenever he has tantrums, I can hardly touch the keys. Yes, I am online but only to check messages from my Facebook and emails. Also, I am online in one role playing games like Cabal. But, I'll be AFK or Away from Keyboard when my son held my hand and drag me to sleep. I think that's what every mom do. Leave everything that you do when your little one needs you. First is first!

There were shouts from customers who played Dota! I cannot focus! I understand the excitement of playing Dota even I don't know how to play it. Why do you have to shout when your partner was sitting next to you? I don't like the trash talked and swearing, either. I don't want to let my son hear it. If he hears it many times, he will say that (swearing) wordThat is why I become angry when they swear and keep on shouting when my son is asleep, though. Sometimes, I keep my head cool but if it's my patience is over, you'll see my reaction!

That is why I love silence, when everyone's fast asleep! It is in silence that I can think clearly. Focus on what I'm doing because no one can disturb me.

Chris Aiden’s 2nd Birthday

How time flies so fast! Two years ago, I gave birth to a boy when the world seems dark…


He become the cutest baby boy I’ve ever seen. He had captured everyone’s heart. He wanders around with his contagious laughter. A baby who does not forget to give his smile to everyone he met. The baby who calls me, “Mama”.


Is now celebrating his second birth year!
 With a new friend, Kuya Nash

Happy birthday son!

Visiting “Ilog Maria”

Last month, we had a chance to visit “Ilog Maria” while staying in Cavite. I heard them talking about “magpatusok”  or bee sting in English. I asked what’s the fuss is all about? My brother, Jun told me that he’s going to Ilog Maria for  BST. I asked what’s BST? He said, “BST means Bee Sting Therapy” wherein a bee will sting any part of your body that has an ailment. I’ve never heard of such thing but all I can imagine was the pain when a bee stings you. Also, he warned us not to shout or cry in pain. Instead, try to bite your lower lip to refrain from shouting. The man who gives you the therapy will get angry. 
brother, sibling
That’s my youngest brother on the wheels. The five of us including my son had accompanied my brother to Ilog Maria. It took us only 15 minutes drive away from my cousin’s place before we saw a signboard of Ilog Maria. Ilog Maria is in Silang, Cavite. From the highway, we drove to a one-way entrance. Most of the visitors of Ilog Maria were in a private car. There’s nothing to worry about the exit because there’s another one-way road especially for it.

When we arrived, my brother told us to go to a building where a lot of people gather. Geez, I’m glad my niece has a camera and loves to take pictures. My cell phone with camera wasn’t fixed, yet. We saw a lot of people, foreigners and Filipinos sit on the chairs in 3 lines while others were standing and sharing stories. Then, I saw a man seated on a chair near a pillar holding the bee’s wings on the right hand. In front of him is a client/patient (foreigner) who had a problem in the knee. The foreign woman just squirms and bite her lips when the bee stung. Then, the man told her to walk. I guess to savor the pain of the sting and exercise it. My brother had the bee stung on his left foot.

After my brother had the BST and “walking” exercise, we went to another building to see the products of Ilog Maria.
These are the products that are hand-crafted by the staff of Ilog Maria

products-of-ilog-maria Here’s my cousin Sol, reading the benefits and ingredients of the product. The products she bought are: Healing Massage Oil, Propolis Ointment and Propolis.


After Ilog Maria, we decided to go to People’s Park in Tagaytay. Sad to say, we didn’t have a chance to go up because of the thick fog. Kuya Rene noticed we’re the only one’s who have no jackets. We end up taking pictures and buying sweet pineapples.

Remembering Mother's 4th Death Anniversary!

I forgot the exact date of my mother's death. I understand that's between March 1 to March 3. It dawned on me, today, why she was in my dream, last night. It's my mothers 4th death anniversary. 

Dearest Mom, 
I'm sorry I forgot about the date when God took you away from us. But, you'll always be remembered and always in our hearts. I love you, Ma!

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Happy Valentines!

valentines - walk through life

We arrived last night, in time to celebrate Valentines day with my husband, Chris! Happy Valentines day, everyone! Enjoy and have fun! Have a great life!

Filipino Boy Joined X-Factor Bulgaria in 2011

My son and I were both watching a movie trailer from youtube when I caught a glimpse on one of the video's on the right side. I become curious and excited to watch it. The title was X-Factor Bulgaria - Philippine Boy. The boy's name is Alexander Aguilar. He's a Filipino - American working as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bulgaria.  

I don't understand Bulgarian but thanks to Youtube's update. There's a button that you can watch the video with a caption on for different languages. Even so, the translations were weird and different. I am glad there's another option for me to understand it. It's a  transcript icon in which you can read what they were talking about when you click. And here's some of them:

0:13  Hello. -Hello.
0:15 What's your name?
0:16 My name is Raphael.
0:17 Raphael, how old are you?
0:20 I'm 25.
0:21 And where do you come from?
0:23 I come from California, San Francisco.
0:26 I was born in the Philippines.
0:31 What brought you in Bulgaria?
0:33 I'm a Peace Corps volunteer.
0:39 How long have you been in Bulgaria?
0:40 I've been here for two years.
0:42 Only two years and
0:43 you speak Bulgarian like that!
0:46 Talent!
0:47 Bravo! Bravo!
0:48 Thanks.
0:49 What does the Peace Corps do?
0:53 I am an English teacher in Bregovo,
0:57 a small town near Vidin.

The title of the Bulgarian song is "Oblache le Bialo" (The little white cloud).  It is an emotional song, I think. That's why the judges and audiences were teary-eyed when they heard it.  

Here's the translation from DjanielJungParker in here :

Tell me white cloud, Where did you came? Where did you fly? Do you not see my father's home? Do you not hear my mother talk?
What makes my sweet child, with foreign people, foreign bread shared.

You tell her white cloud, I'm alive and well here, and that you saw me.
Send many greetings from me, much time has passed, still little stay.
Soon the time will come in the village to return, to return and to hug my mother.

Isn't it lovely?

Have you experienced binat?

Yes, I experienced it - December, last year. What do you mean by "binat"? Binat is a filipino word coined for relapse. Usually, this is what our folks says especially, if you give birth. Here's an example from an online Tagalog English Dictionary  - "Huwang masyadong magpagod, baka ka mabinat!" Don't tire yourself, you might have a relapse.

I wish I know until when I have the time to rest after miscarriage. I can't wait to lay a hand on our dirty clothes piling high! And yes, I did, the laundry after a week of rest! Next day, I hang all the clothes outside because the weather is hot. After, I've done it, I sat down and my body feel extremely tired.  There is no headache or anything painful. It's only tiredness, I feel. My husband told me to take a rest because I might have a relapse. What I did was sleep the whole day. Then, woke up when it's time for a meal. I made a rest for three days. It's a lazy thing to do but I have to regain back my strength for my son.

How about you? Have you experienced relapse?

Thank You 2012 and Welcome 2013!

Year 2012 for us has a lot of obstacles and breathless trials. My son is sickly, almost every month. He has primary complex – tuberculosis for children. He got dengue and viral infections. Whenever he had a fever, my husband and I cross our fingers that he’ll recover in three days. For toddlers, if it’s more than 3 days, something is not right.

While, I had a miscarriage – the baby was 7 weeks old. She has no heart beat. After 2 weeks, I thought I am okay so I went out and do the laundry. But after, I hung the clothes to dry in the clothes line. I feel so terribly tired that my husband told me to take a rest.  Guess, I have a relapse or “binat”. Is this the exact word?

Even if we had experience these in 2012, it was retracted. We celebrated New Year with my MIL and SIL. In addition, my son is in good health. That is why I am very, very thankful. We faced 2013 with a smile and noise from a trumpet and my son’s playing his toy drum.

Happy 2013!!

Happy 2013 to everyone!!

New Year 2013

I'm so thankful that my family and I, amid the pitfulls in our life, celebrated and welcome 2013 with good health. Most important is my child who welcome it with laughter while watching fireworks.