Hacked! Pinterest Account

As you all know, I create a Pinterest account for contest repins and follows. The truth is I really have no  idea what to do with it.

I received a lot of emails saying this name repinned my pin “according to MNSBC it looks like working from home… board”.  pinterest

I may be looking for work online but never create a board and a photo/pin for the best jobs in America. This is what happened to The Crafty Military Wife Pinterest. It was also hacked. I’ve tried to delete the board and the photo, but it will recreate itself. I had no idea where it came from.

If you want to see, try to search this in Google using this words “Pinterest board according to MNSBC it looks like”. Make sure your Pinterest account is not open – to be safety. You’ll be amazed on what I’ve found. A Pinterest account has a lot of that boards. Aside from what they said: hacked; spammed. To me, it looks like a virus that creates itself and spammed your board.

To avoid for more repins and spam of my that board, I had deactivated it and will recreate another one.


  1. Sorry just started using pinterest and not sure I understand what youu mean. How do I avoid this, thx.

  2. I really have no idea how to avoid the spam! Right now, what I did is delete the Pinterest account and recreate another one with a strong password. I hope it helps!