Thank You 2012 and Welcome 2013!

Year 2012 for us has a lot of obstacles and breathless trials. My son is sickly, almost every month. He has primary complex – tuberculosis for children. He got dengue and viral infections. Whenever he had a fever, my husband and I cross our fingers that he’ll recover in three days. For toddlers, if it’s more than 3 days, something is not right.

While, I had a miscarriage – the baby was 7 weeks old. She has no heart beat. After 2 weeks, I thought I am okay so I went out and do the laundry. But after, I hung the clothes to dry in the clothes line. I feel so terribly tired that my husband told me to take a rest.  Guess, I have a relapse or “binat”. Is this the exact word?

Even if we had experience these in 2012, it was retracted. We celebrated New Year with my MIL and SIL. In addition, my son is in good health. That is why I am very, very thankful. We faced 2013 with a smile and noise from a trumpet and my son’s playing his toy drum.

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