Filipino Boy Joined X-Factor Bulgaria in 2011

My son and I were both watching a movie trailer from youtube when I caught a glimpse on one of the video's on the right side. I become curious and excited to watch it. The title was X-Factor Bulgaria - Philippine Boy. The boy's name is Alexander Aguilar. He's a Filipino - American working as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bulgaria.  

I don't understand Bulgarian but thanks to Youtube's update. There's a button that you can watch the video with a caption on for different languages. Even so, the translations were weird and different. I am glad there's another option for me to understand it. It's a  transcript icon in which you can read what they were talking about when you click. And here's some of them:

0:13  Hello. -Hello.
0:15 What's your name?
0:16 My name is Raphael.
0:17 Raphael, how old are you?
0:20 I'm 25.
0:21 And where do you come from?
0:23 I come from California, San Francisco.
0:26 I was born in the Philippines.
0:31 What brought you in Bulgaria?
0:33 I'm a Peace Corps volunteer.
0:39 How long have you been in Bulgaria?
0:40 I've been here for two years.
0:42 Only two years and
0:43 you speak Bulgarian like that!
0:46 Talent!
0:47 Bravo! Bravo!
0:48 Thanks.
0:49 What does the Peace Corps do?
0:53 I am an English teacher in Bregovo,
0:57 a small town near Vidin.

The title of the Bulgarian song is "Oblache le Bialo" (The little white cloud).  It is an emotional song, I think. That's why the judges and audiences were teary-eyed when they heard it.  

Here's the translation from DjanielJungParker in here :

Tell me white cloud, Where did you came? Where did you fly? Do you not see my father's home? Do you not hear my mother talk?
What makes my sweet child, with foreign people, foreign bread shared.

You tell her white cloud, I'm alive and well here, and that you saw me.
Send many greetings from me, much time has passed, still little stay.
Soon the time will come in the village to return, to return and to hug my mother.

Isn't it lovely?

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