I've been  experiencing dizziness in the past weeks.  Whenever I woke up in the morning, it seems like the room is turning around. I have to close my eyes, again and hold on to my pillow to pass that feeling.  After a few minutes, I perspire a lot. It’s really difficult to get up.  Sometimes, I still feel groggy but, I have to get up to do the routine for my son.

It’s a feeling that I've endured for almost a month, I think. One time, my husbands’ family (his father and siblings) arrived from Dumaguete. We have to rise early because it takes 3 hours or more to travel to Manila. There you go, again! I feel dizzy that my husband told me to cancel the trip. I told him not to do that. I can go, I'll be okay in a few minutes, I assured him. In my mind, I know I am not okay and we will go. It’s his moment to meet his family after 10 years of stay here in Greater Manila.

To tell you, I am neither pregnant nor high blood. A nurse had given me a medicine. She told me to take it whenever I feel dizzy. I only took one tab and observed. It has treated me for more than three hours, though. I feel like I'm walking in the air.

I missed the “tuob” and a nice whole body massage afterwards. Tuob is a Cebuano word for a person sitting or standing, wrap in a blanket. Underneath a chair, is a hot pot with boiled leaves. After a few minutes, the lady would tell you to lay down for the massage. Oohhlala! Another is “buhot”, wherein you're wrapped in a blanket and left the head part open, so you can take a breath. Then, the woman would puff a smoke of tobacco (made from dried tobacco leaves) inside the blanket to warm your joints. This is what I usually do in the province, when I am not feeling well.

Last night, I took a bath with warm water. As of now, I feel less dizzy unlike before. I'm hoping it'll be gone.

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