Have you experienced binat?

Yes, I experienced it - December, last year. What do you mean by "binat"? Binat is a filipino word coined for relapse. Usually, this is what our folks says especially, if you give birth. Here's an example from an online Tagalog English Dictionary  - "Huwang masyadong magpagod, baka ka mabinat!" Don't tire yourself, you might have a relapse.

I wish I know until when I have the time to rest after miscarriage. I can't wait to lay a hand on our dirty clothes piling high! And yes, I did, the laundry after a week of rest! Next day, I hang all the clothes outside because the weather is hot. After, I've done it, I sat down and my body feel extremely tired.  There is no headache or anything painful. It's only tiredness, I feel. My husband told me to take a rest because I might have a relapse. What I did was sleep the whole day. Then, woke up when it's time for a meal. I made a rest for three days. It's a lazy thing to do but I have to regain back my strength for my son.

How about you? Have you experienced relapse?

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