Can’t Help but Pray

This is what I mean when a friend, Mai had post this message in Facebook:
The saddest thing is when you want to give but you have nothing to give. You cannot give what you do not have. Be thankful, though, that you are the giver and not the seeker.
I want to give and help him financially but I can’t. I have no money to give him.    I have no source of income, though. I am seeking and trying hard to look for an opportunity. My father had suffered a mild stroke.  I am not around to help, either because we’re oceans apart. I tried calling him but he was transferred to another house  by his youngest sister. A relative told me to visit him! Oh, I will if I can only pay the fare + other expenses. It sounds rude but true.

It is really difficult emotionally since I am the eldest of two siblings. At the same time, I am worried because I have no news from my father, right now. All I can do is to pray to God Almighty that he will prolong and sustain his health for us.


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