I Love Silence

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This is what I want! Everyone's asleep while I am alone facing the computer and tinkling the keys. During the waking hours, I can hardly do this writing, especially when:

My little one is awakeHe's only two years old. Whenever he needs me or my attention, he'll shout "Mama" and keep on repeating it. It's loud that makes some people laugh. Whenever he has tantrums, I can hardly touch the keys. Yes, I am online but only to check messages from my Facebook and emails. Also, I am online in one role playing games like Cabal. But, I'll be AFK or Away from Keyboard when my son held my hand and drag me to sleep. I think that's what every mom do. Leave everything that you do when your little one needs you. First is first!

There were shouts from customers who played Dota! I cannot focus! I understand the excitement of playing Dota even I don't know how to play it. Why do you have to shout when your partner was sitting next to you? I don't like the trash talked and swearing, either. I don't want to let my son hear it. If he hears it many times, he will say that (swearing) wordThat is why I become angry when they swear and keep on shouting when my son is asleep, though. Sometimes, I keep my head cool but if it's my patience is over, you'll see my reaction!

That is why I love silence, when everyone's fast asleep! It is in silence that I can think clearly. Focus on what I'm doing because no one can disturb me.

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