Deep Gratitude

As I get older, I understand that people would come and go out of your life. Little did they know, when they cross my path and touch my life, they left a mark that I saved in my heart. It is touch by sharing ideas and giving me opportunity to drive on. I am really thankful of what they share into my life, though. Sometimes, I keep quiet and lost them without knowing what they have left. It will never happen again, as I am going to post this gratitude in my heart.

I have to say it with my deepest gratitude to Mhel who shared her knowledge in online income. Also, for giving me a short-term job where I needed and loved most. You're the answer to my prayer. I am very, very thankful.

I know, I blog and still consider myself a newbie. I have a lot to learn and will not stop from learning more. Thanks to you Ms. Mhel Ignacio. Kudos!

An Answered Prayer

Everyday, especially when I woke up in the mid-morning, I always pray and ask God, what to do? My baby is growing up fast. He sleeps in his hammock. Sometimes, he slides and both his legs dangle in the hammock still sleeping. As a mother, it worries me, seeing my son in that situation. That's one reason why I need a crib for my baby. But how? Where will I get the money to buy a crib? His dad's salary isn't enough. I asked God for guidance because I do not know what to do.

Then, one day a blogger friend posted in her Facebook that she need people to help her with a Data Entry Task. That's an opportunity! I replied even if I thought that it's closed. She accepted it. Gosh, it made me very happy. It's a short-term task but then it's okay for me because I am in need to save for my son's crib.

Paypal Verification

An unverified account of PayPal has a withdrawal limit of $500 only. That's personal account because I have no idea for the premier account. I heard about how to verify PayPal and its instruction. Also, I read from online resources about withdrawals from PayPal to Philippine bank. I thought I understand the process. My thoughts, betray me and I laughed about it. I thought all along that you can verify your PayPal account with the Philippine banks. That is wrong. Sorry to those who asked me, I am wrong.

Open an EON Debit Card in Union Bank Philippines
It is a debit card and bank account in one. As far as I know, that's the only BANK allowed by PayPal to verify aside from credit cards. How to verify PayPal? Check this website, "Make Money Online: Verify Your PayPal Account Using Unionbank EON". Just make sure that all the information entered in EON Debit card is the same information you entered on PayPal.You can also use Smart Money Card to verify PayPal. I will not recommend it unless you are an active smart money card user. Smart Money card expires for prepaid accounts. For those interested, click this: Make Money Online: Verify Your Account Using Smart Money.

After your PayPal's verification, you can now transfer and withdraw PayPal amount to your bank account. The process? Check this website: "Pinoy Money TalkWithdraw PayPal to Bank Accounts in the Philippines".

For Your Eyes Only

My eyes are not good this past days. It tends to feel heavy after staring at the computer for 3 - 4 hours. It makes me drowsy and a little swooning because of sleepiness.. It seems I am lack of sleep for a day or two. If I take a sleep, I end up waking at 7am with the computer running. I have a cup of coffee on the left and bottled water on my right. But, still, I feel drowsy even as of this writing. Oh, what's happening with my eyes? Do you know?

Sinusitis Attacks

Yes, I am not feeling well since, yesterday. I have runny nose and headache. When that triggers, it's sinusitis. I'm sneezing most of the time. As of this moment, I usually stop and cross my arms because I am feeling cold. I know I need a rest, like sleeping the whole day is heavenly. I will only stop if my head aches and my eyes can no longer bear to read the lines on the screen. 

What worries me the most is my son. If I have a fever, I can not hold or carry him in my arms. My husband has it, too. He sneeze or we both sneeze while we carry our son. That is not good. 

I can feel the heat rising. Sorry, I have to stop. I have to get my medicines.

August Is My Lucky Month

August is a lucky month for me because I won several giveaways.

Sakuraeya's Club, a Fan Page in Facebook for contest, updates, promos and freebies -  I'm the 2nd winner of promoting her fan page but I have no idea what I won. ahahaha.


Green Dress

I'm wandering around the internet for a green dress especially for a big and "curvacious" body like mine. No fretting, please! There's no special event to attend, I'm only dreaming :) and what if it will suddenly happen? I don't like to panic if someone will invite me into their wedding with nothing to wear on their special day.
green dress
Photo is not mine
And I found it! It's an Ella Moss V-Neck Green Dress. I think this one suits me. I am not into spaghetti style straps and sleeveless kind of girl. The lantern sleeves are okay with a v neck showing a little of your treasure.
green dress, v neck, front dress
Photo Credit: Makeup Bag
While in the back has V-shaped showing some skin in your back aligned with ruffles. Actually this dress costs $174. Calling for the seamstress out there!
green dress, back dress, v-shape
Photo Credit: Makeup Bag

I can imagine, myself,  wearing this dress, if only you invite me!

What Dot Com Domain I want to win and why?

This is a late entry for Ruby's DOT COM Domain with Hosting Giveaway because it will end on August 10. So, I have 2 days to complete one required task and that is commenting.

Now back to the question what dot com I want to win and why? Honestly, I want a domain for an article writing that requires a self-hosted domain. But then I changed my mind for the elementary and high school students who approached me. Now, I need help on this one because I am not familiar with the SEO thing. Can it be school assignments dot com or school projects dot com. I hope no one owns that dot com, yet. I hope that it's catchy and falls into the SEO thing.

As to why I want that domain. The reason relates to the dot com itself.  English is internet's universal language. But, what if the project and assignments are in Filipino? It is difficult for an elementary or high school students to find one Filipino language. Unless, they know how to translate through (again!) the use of internet and read between the lines. But, not all words translated to Tagalog is right. Like what happened yesterday: A mother approached me to searched for vegetables, what vitamins is in that vegetables and gardening tools. I found the answer through the Internet but it's in English. I told them to give me time to translate it, but they can't wait. Such customers but that's another story.

I want that domain to focus on elementary and high school projects and assignments translated into Tagalog. Of course, in my own words, though. I'm a copy cat, but the resources credit on every post.

I am hoping to win one of the dots. Of course, without the sponsors below, this giveaway, will not push through. A big and loud applause for them :D

 The Filipina WAHM, The Movie Mommy, I 4 Fashion, Finds and Freebies, Our Dream House, All in One Woman, Caffeinated Muse, Feeling Traveler Aketch

Leaf Creations

I saw her on Facebook and I'm very impressed. Lucas Leaf Creations owned by April Lucas. She's a unique artist. A wife and a stay-at-home mom of 2, one 9-year-old daughter and 7-year-old boy. 

What impressed me the most is that she used a leaf for her creations. Yes, you heard it right. It's a leaf, a part of nature. According to her, "It is wonderful preserving the life of leaves that fade away, never see it again. I love that the leaves I choose live on forever". All her creations are one of a kind, handmade and "a kind imprints of nature being that the leaf is no longer usable after it has been cast".
Photo Credit: Lucas Leaf  Creations
Above is one example of her creations that I love. Isn't it wonderful? And to my imagination, "you look like a fairy with that awesome thing!".

If you want to see more of her creations, you can find and like her on Facebook: Lucas Leaf Creations or her Etsy Shop.

Photo Credit: Lucas Leaf Creations
This is not a sponsored post! It is posted for my admiration of her creations.

My Father and The Mushrooms

mushrooms, memories
Photo Credits: Reel and Grill
It's night-time, the skies are roaring with thunder and lightning. It seems the team of unseen horse's hove's had created the clap of thunder! Mom was hugging me and trying to soothe me when suddenly a very loud lightning tears and light the skies. It made me shiver and I try to snuggle into my mom's body for cover.

Guess,  I had fallen asleep, alright! It's morning, I was awaken by my mother's shake. She told me to get up and bring a basket to my father. I can hear my father's whistle! It's a sign when he's calling us. Perhaps, papa found a lot of mushrooms near the Nipa (Nypa fruticans). So, I went running excitedly with a basket in one hand. When I arrived with the basket, I can see my father's smile. He told me to hold the basket for him while he picked up the mushrooms. I am happily holding the basket for him because Mama will cook it for mealtime - Mushroom soup! Yey!

Reminiscing good times during my childhood. It's small and yet the happiness it gave me was amazing. 

When lightning strikes, I asked mom, "Will there be mushrooms, tomorrow?"

July EC Top Droppers

July EC Top Droppers

Here they are:

Reaching Lifelong Goals
The Ad Master

Thank you very much for dropping by, guys. I haven't had a chance to drop ec's lately. It's so little time to do both worlds with my son and online gigs.

Tiki-tiki Plus for Baby

I feel intimidated when I hear them talking about the differences between my son's weight to my weight. Sometimes, they will baby talk and told him, "You are so small and your mommy is so big". Is that a comment to crush my soul? Yes, I'm one sensitive woman, though. I understand that it is a bully instead of a good criticism. I took it as a challenge. Yes, it is true that my baby is thin and small for a 5-month old. I look for baby products that are suited for him specifically for nutrition and the good appetite. I did not breastfeed him which I think that's one of the reason.

Anyway, my MIL suggested buying Tiki-Tiki drops for baby. Oh, yes, I almost forgot about Tiki-tiki. MIL is really supportive because she urged me to drop it in his mouth. I was in doubt and worried on how he will accept the taste. Fortunately, he did like it and lick it with his tongue. Then, I gave him water, after.