An Answered Prayer

Everyday, especially when I woke up in the mid-morning, I always pray and ask God, what to do? My baby is growing up fast. He sleeps in his hammock. Sometimes, he slides and both his legs dangle in the hammock still sleeping. As a mother, it worries me, seeing my son in that situation. That's one reason why I need a crib for my baby. But how? Where will I get the money to buy a crib? His dad's salary isn't enough. I asked God for guidance because I do not know what to do.

Then, one day a blogger friend posted in her Facebook that she need people to help her with a Data Entry Task. That's an opportunity! I replied even if I thought that it's closed. She accepted it. Gosh, it made me very happy. It's a short-term task but then it's okay for me because I am in need to save for my son's crib.

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