Tiki-tiki Plus for Baby

I feel intimidated when I hear them talking about the differences between my son's weight to my weight. Sometimes, they will baby talk and told him, "You are so small and your mommy is so big". Is that a comment to crush my soul? Yes, I'm one sensitive woman, though. I understand that it is a bully instead of a good criticism. I took it as a challenge. Yes, it is true that my baby is thin and small for a 5-month old. I look for baby products that are suited for him specifically for nutrition and the good appetite. I did not breastfeed him which I think that's one of the reason.

Anyway, my MIL suggested buying Tiki-Tiki drops for baby. Oh, yes, I almost forgot about Tiki-tiki. MIL is really supportive because she urged me to drop it in his mouth. I was in doubt and worried on how he will accept the taste. Fortunately, he did like it and lick it with his tongue. Then, I gave him water, after.

After a week, I noticed how he drink his milk and ate well. I will share you a story that made everyone laugh. We ate at the hospital's kitchen. The staff was around for their lunch break. There were conversations and laughter. Suddenly, my son says, "ah, ah". Everyone's eyes turned to my son and laughed. My baby wants another spoon for his porridge and tried to catch the spoon with his mouth. I didn't gave him yet because I was talking to the staff. They told me, "Mommy, stop talking and give your son his food!" It looks to me, my baby wants a row of the spoon on his mouth non-stop. He would swallow the rice porridge, immediately that fascinates everyone.  

Here's the nutritional information of Tiki-tiki based from the package information.

Photo Credits: KabayanCentral.com

Nutrients Amount per 0.5ml %RENI

                                               Vitamin C          15mg                        50 
                                               Vitamin B2        2.5mg                       63 
                                               Vitamin E          2.5 IU (.68mg)         60
                                               Vitamin B1        0.15mg                    38
                                               Vitamin B2        0.15mg                    38
                                               Vitamin B6        0.15mg                    50
                                               Vitamin D3       100 IU (2.5mg)        50
                                               Vitamin B12     0.15mg                     38

I gave 0.25ml orally and once daily as suggested in the package. Aside from Tiki-tiki, I had given him Ceelin drops per doctor's suggestion. 

Tiki-tiki has been around for the longest time. It's a food supplement for baby and kids and acts as a resistant to sickness. Although, it has no approved therapeutic claims. But, I can see how my baby reacts positively to Tiki-tiki. My baby is gaining weight now and that is good news for me. 

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