August Is My Lucky Month

August is a lucky month for me because I won several giveaways.

Sakuraeya's Club, a Fan Page in Facebook for contest, updates, promos and freebies -  I'm the 2nd winner of promoting her fan page but I have no idea what I won. ahahaha.

Nivea's "Create Your Own Natural Space" promo - The space I've created won a GC from The Spa worth P1,000.00 and maybe a gift pack of Nivea. Below is my space with 10 likes of the day. This is a daily giveaway and still going on.

 Week  9 of Techie She's Giveaway - I won $10 dollars. I hope this will continue thought the year. It force my creative juices to write a simple paragraph using the word for the week. 

Photo Credit: Week 9 Winner of Techie She's Weekly Giveaway

Momgen's Small Giveaway - It's actually a blogger contest. I won beauty stuffs from her. Thanks Mom Gen.
Photo Credits: Wonderful Things In Life

5 Dot Com Domain Giveaway and Hosting by Filipina Wahm. One of the mechanics is  the highest comments, I have two days for that but sad to say, only Mommy Rubz left a comment for checking (:) There are two winners for commenting. She is so nice for giving us a chance - those posts who have less or no comment at all. I am one of the 3 winners of a domain. Thank you, Mommy Rubz.

That's what I won this August and I am so excited about it, though. I have not received the prizes yet except for Mommy Rubz and the $10 of Techie She. In joining contests, I learned to focus, strive and patience.

Thank you very much for giving me these chances of winning.


  1. wow that is a lot of winning + we are not even in the middle of August. here's hoping you continue with your streak + please rub some of those luck to me :D

  2. you are very lucky indeed! I don't usually join contests..I leave that to Mommies who need the prizes most =D

    But yes, August has given my blog a considerable amount of profitable attention hihihih.

    Thank you so much for the visit!

  3. Hi mommy Liza,

    thanks for dropping at my blog :) regarding the meninggo vaccine I am yet to verify it, requested a friend to do it for me but no reply yet. will inform you later.

    thanks again