Paypal Verification

An unverified account of PayPal has a withdrawal limit of $500 only. That's personal account because I have no idea for the premier account. I heard about how to verify PayPal and its instruction. Also, I read from online resources about withdrawals from PayPal to Philippine bank. I thought I understand the process. My thoughts, betray me and I laughed about it. I thought all along that you can verify your PayPal account with the Philippine banks. That is wrong. Sorry to those who asked me, I am wrong.

Open an EON Debit Card in Union Bank Philippines
It is a debit card and bank account in one. As far as I know, that's the only BANK allowed by PayPal to verify aside from credit cards. How to verify PayPal? Check this website, "Make Money Online: Verify Your PayPal Account Using Unionbank EON". Just make sure that all the information entered in EON Debit card is the same information you entered on PayPal.You can also use Smart Money Card to verify PayPal. I will not recommend it unless you are an active smart money card user. Smart Money card expires for prepaid accounts. For those interested, click this: Make Money Online: Verify Your Account Using Smart Money.

After your PayPal's verification, you can now transfer and withdraw PayPal amount to your bank account. The process? Check this website: "Pinoy Money TalkWithdraw PayPal to Bank Accounts in the Philippines".


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