Sinusitis Attacks

Yes, I am not feeling well since, yesterday. I have runny nose and headache. When that triggers, it's sinusitis. I'm sneezing most of the time. As of this moment, I usually stop and cross my arms because I am feeling cold. I know I need a rest, like sleeping the whole day is heavenly. I will only stop if my head aches and my eyes can no longer bear to read the lines on the screen. 

What worries me the most is my son. If I have a fever, I can not hold or carry him in my arms. My husband has it, too. He sneeze or we both sneeze while we carry our son. That is not good. 

I can feel the heat rising. Sorry, I have to stop. I have to get my medicines.

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  1. Get well soon! I think that is already an allergy. My husband also have allergy you... might try medicine with Anti-histamine...

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