What Dot Com Domain I want to win and why?

This is a late entry for Ruby's DOT COM Domain with Hosting Giveaway because it will end on August 10. So, I have 2 days to complete one required task and that is commenting.

Now back to the question what dot com I want to win and why? Honestly, I want a domain for an article writing that requires a self-hosted domain. But then I changed my mind for the elementary and high school students who approached me. Now, I need help on this one because I am not familiar with the SEO thing. Can it be school assignments dot com or school projects dot com. I hope no one owns that dot com, yet. I hope that it's catchy and falls into the SEO thing.

As to why I want that domain. The reason relates to the dot com itself.  English is internet's universal language. But, what if the project and assignments are in Filipino? It is difficult for an elementary or high school students to find one Filipino language. Unless, they know how to translate through (again!) the use of internet and read between the lines. But, not all words translated to Tagalog is right. Like what happened yesterday: A mother approached me to searched for vegetables, what vitamins is in that vegetables and gardening tools. I found the answer through the Internet but it's in English. I told them to give me time to translate it, but they can't wait. Such customers but that's another story.

I want that domain to focus on elementary and high school projects and assignments translated into Tagalog. Of course, in my own words, though. I'm a copy cat, but the resources credit on every post.

I am hoping to win one of the dots. Of course, without the sponsors below, this giveaway, will not push through. A big and loud applause for them :D

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