My Father and The Mushrooms

mushrooms, memories
Photo Credits: Reel and Grill
It's night-time, the skies are roaring with thunder and lightning. It seems the team of unseen horse's hove's had created the clap of thunder! Mom was hugging me and trying to soothe me when suddenly a very loud lightning tears and light the skies. It made me shiver and I try to snuggle into my mom's body for cover.

Guess,  I had fallen asleep, alright! It's morning, I was awaken by my mother's shake. She told me to get up and bring a basket to my father. I can hear my father's whistle! It's a sign when he's calling us. Perhaps, papa found a lot of mushrooms near the Nipa (Nypa fruticans). So, I went running excitedly with a basket in one hand. When I arrived with the basket, I can see my father's smile. He told me to hold the basket for him while he picked up the mushrooms. I am happily holding the basket for him because Mama will cook it for mealtime - Mushroom soup! Yey!

Reminiscing good times during my childhood. It's small and yet the happiness it gave me was amazing. 

When lightning strikes, I asked mom, "Will there be mushrooms, tomorrow?"

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  1. My father picked up some mushrooms yesterday after some few nights of rains.