Deep Gratitude

As I get older, I understand that people would come and go out of your life. Little did they know, when they cross my path and touch my life, they left a mark that I saved in my heart. It is touch by sharing ideas and giving me opportunity to drive on. I am really thankful of what they share into my life, though. Sometimes, I keep quiet and lost them without knowing what they have left. It will never happen again, as I am going to post this gratitude in my heart.

I have to say it with my deepest gratitude to Mhel who shared her knowledge in online income. Also, for giving me a short-term job where I needed and loved most. You're the answer to my prayer. I am very, very thankful.

I know, I blog and still consider myself a newbie. I have a lot to learn and will not stop from learning more. Thanks to you Ms. Mhel Ignacio. Kudos!

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