New Blog Name: A Walk Through My Notebook

I had changed my layout and now I am changing the title of my blog. I am not satisfied with the word as "DIARY". It could be a diary but I want something more to it.

I was searching for quotes on the internet to post in my header when I stumble with Denise Levertov (a British-American Poet) quotes from "A Walk Through A Notebook. I was thinking this is it! I wanted something that describes the ME personally.

As I search further, I found out that there's a blog URL that reads like this - I tried to check it out and found it does not exist, anymore. A gadget website had even posted a thumbnail of the blog but when I click it, it sends me to a seller of laptops and notebooks.

I am checking this because there might be someone else who uses the same blog title or even the url. And thank God, I found none of them. So, I am free to use it now. Well, my blog is not about poetry and can't even write one. If someone asked me why? My answer is like Denise wrote poetry in notebooks about the challenges of life. While I am writing it in a notebook about the challenges of my life. I blog what comes into my mind.

Her poem, "A Walk Through My Notebook", is like an inspiration because we all start writing in a paper and a notebook.

Coffee Desk: My New Blog Template

IT'S DONE!! Take a look!

Remember that I discussed the problems I encountered with this template? I found out that it was an old version. I don't know what link I've clicked that reverted me to the contributor Falcon Hive website. And I was so grateful because it was the new and updated version. You can download it here Coffee Desk updated by Alvaris in December 2009. There's a guide you can read on the installation process from their website. But, I will post some of it, for you:

What To Do:
  1. Download the new version here zip
  2. Extract the file and saved it to your hard disk.
  3. After extracting, you will find a folder that says "IMAGE - UPLOAD FIRST". Yes, upload all the pictures in that folder, FIRST. If you have a photobucket account, upload it there. If not, you can create it here. The important thing is that it has an HTML version where you can copy and paste later, leave it open.
  4. Open another window and go to your blog Dashboard > Layout> Edit HTML,  first, click download full template, to back up or restore your old template.
  5. Next, still in the Edit HTML, browse and upload Coffee Desk_v100 XML document from the extracted files. Leave it open.
  6. Open the READ ME notepad in the extracted files folder for further instructions.
Problems Encountered:
(1) Undefined word shows instead of the Time/Date:
Here's what to do:
Here's what to do:
    1. Go to Blogspot DASHBOARD 
    2. Click SETTINGS tab. 
    3. In the SETTINGS tab, click FORMATTING. Then, go to the TIMESTAMP FORMAT then change the format as shown in this sample: Saturday, May 29, 2010.
    4. Click Save Settings.
    (2) Can not see the Menu Navigation that looks like a pinned note in the header.
           No worries, because if you did not edit your menu, then you can not see the "pinned note". Okay, to see it for yourself, you might try this out as temporary. (Only to see if the pinned note works Header portion)
        What to do:
          1. Go to Blogspot's Dashboard
          2. Click the Layout tab. Then, Page Elements. 
          3. In Add and Arrange Page Elements, you'll see Header then next is Menu. Click that menu Edit, pop up window will show, it's a Configure Link List. 
          4. In the Configure Link List, type a URL in the New Site URL box. The URL depends on you because this is only a test but if you want to type the website link you had in your mind, then do it, it is up to you.
          5. Then type the site name in the New Site Name Box and click Add Link.
          6. Click Save. 
          Refresh your blog, check if you see the "Pinned Note" in the Header and click it if it runs to the next page.
            I hope that helps if you want to use the Coffee Desk blog template. As of now, I am contented with the template, it speaks of the old me. A note, a pen, and coffee nearby! Chill!

              Coffee Desk Blog Template - BTemplate

              blog template, coffee desk
              Oh, how many times have I changed my template on this blog. Guess, it's three times already! :)  Well, I am always looking for changes to expand, to make it beautiful and simple. The name of this template is Coffee Desk. I found it in BTtemplate website. You will find hundreds  of templates for blog posts and WordPress from that website. And of course, it is free to download.

              I am fond of writing in  notebooks, journals and even in calendars. I still kept those notes. It's smelly and a little bit yellowish because of time. (Whispers) It's written in year 2004 that's why it looks rusty. :D   So, I guess, a notebook and a pen with extras like a coffee while writing! That suits fine, isn't!  

              I encountered problems on this template when i upload it, (1) all the widgets went into panic. I describe it as a "panicky widgets". It's like the widgets went  berserk, 2 widgets on top (header) posts on the footer and so on. I am glad I download first the (original) Full Template and saved it in my hard disk.  What I did, I restore it to original then copy the html of my widgets into a notepad and delete it from the lay-out. Then save. I  upload again the Coffee Desk html. No "panicky widgets this time because it was deleted. After uploading Coffee Desk html, I add the widgets html, one by one, I saved in one notepad file.
                                                                                                                                                                         Problem number  2 showed in every posts or articles. In every post there's a big and red word "UNDEFINED" for the time and date stamp. Whom I gonna call for help? Ghostbusters!! Oh no, not that one! It's Google website! And so, i typed on the google search box, " why undefined showed on my blog posts?". I was so glad I did because I found it! Here's the link , an answer, in case you will have the same problem. This man named spavel is an Official Top Contributor with a star. You will read it when you click that link over there. You can read his contributions but this one answer works for me.
              Your template says "Mr. Moto Rising (Ellington style)", but much of the code (including the undefined) is left over from the third-party template. The normal recommendation is to revert the widgets. That will put the date in the post footer and remove the "undefined". While reverting, make sure you click the right link!Below the template editor, click:        Revert widget templates to default               link to the LEFT of the Clear Edits button.
              And it works. The word UNDEFINED was gone and replaced by the exact date. But the dates font size is bigger. And look at this original from BTtemplate.  and the DEMO or even the photo above. Spot the difference? That's what I am going to fix next! See ya round!! :)

              Rants on Mocha's Guam Trip

              Mocha Uson
              Last night, I read Mocha Uson's personal blog. She's one of the Filipino sexy singer with a group. Don't get me wrong! You can view her sexy photos and video if you want to.

              What irks me was this:
              "Besides the positive response, the owner of Karisma, (Wenefredo E.Gallega) didn’t seem to be happy.  Oh well, I can’t please everyone, I thought to myself.  Then I found out, the reason why he wasn’t so ecstatic about me was that he had a different agenda.  He didn’t care about quality performance. He was complaining to our manager why do I go home right away after the show. He said that I should stay longer, sit with several guests and order inflated priced ladies drinks. He said that this was the only way his bar will earn.  And besides, I’ll also benefit from the commission (drinkback), he said. He even tried to convince me by saying that all famous celebrities that came to Guam did that."
              That happened in one of the bars in Guam. Sad to hear but it's true! We were talking about how low our economy is and how hard life is! But then, some people are like vultures or crocodiles who will do anything in the game of money. It downgrades not only Mocha but the other Filipino women as well.

              A Star On Top of The Moon

              star, moon

              Last night, a regular customer told me, to look at the moon because it has an amazing view. He even tried to convinced other regular customer in the internet shop to watch it, once in your life.

              Little Pink Diaries + Mom's Cervical Cancer

              The posts in pink diaries are the times with my mother who was battling with cancer. And I used the email of this blog for it. But then, there is another one multiply account filled with business linkage of online sellers with another email in which I did not open anymore. I want to use only one email, so I decided to transfer it (business links in multiply) here and cancel Pink Diaries. But, I can not cancel or delete it easily because it is very special to me. Those are the times when I don't have anyone to talk to emotionally but the keyboard.. 

              I have only two untitled posts with dates:

              Feb 14, 2009 12:30 AM
              According to a doctor, the cause of cervical cancer comes from a man who had an active sex life. Let me put it straight: a man who have an intimate moment with different women and use his wife for another play. You feel okay but the bacteria that got inside will grow unnoticed especially if you have no yearly pap smear. But mother had undergone a lot of surgeries. She has a cesarean operation when my youngest brother was born. Her left Fallopian tube, i think, and ovary was taken out.  It has a tumor that turns negative. I am thankful with that. The doctor told me, don't worry because she will live for 20 years.

              My mother, i think, wasn't prepared for this illness. She can not accept it even if i told her to pray, always. She thinks that she was lured into the magical powers of dark evil - daut-kulam. She even asked and cried why "it" was done to her? What's her fault to suffer this kind of ailment. A doctor thinks, she's in Stage 4 now or terminal.

              As a daughter, i cried and prayed. I can not accept this fact. My imagination flies for "IF ONLY". If only, i am rich, i'd let mother stay in the hospital longer until it's time or request for a nurse-caregiver to help us. Mother always think about us, her children and husband. She takes care of us, always. A hard working mom who suffers a lot of pain through marriage and a martyr wife.

              While battling cancer, mother always cry out my name, hug me, hold and tugged my hand. Who am i to reject my mother's plea of help. My heart is not made of stone. I couldn't stop crying even f i pretend to be.

              Even if she's not a perfect mom. She will always be. She's my ONE and ONLY MOM
              And last night, mother is bleeding. I changed her adult diaper twice, soaking with blood.
              The doctor told us (brother and I) to prepare anytime. Anytime, she'll be gone. According to her,  maybe she's in Stage 4 - Terminal

              I hope if it's her time to go and leave us, i am hoping and wishing - she'll be sleeping.

              Feb 14, 2009 12:16 AM 

              Cancer can kill when you detect it late or you have no financial means especially the medicines.

              Mother suffers from cervical cancer stage 3… The doctor told me that she can do nothing about it. She can’t give medicines further etchetera. According to her, only a Gynecology-Oncology doctor can accommodate that area of medicine. I also found out (with a gyne doctor) that after ”RASPA” (another doctor done that) the result is SQUAMOUS CARCINOMA CELL. He suggested for an operation. Operation was done. But the problem was left inside the wall. While, the uterus and ovary was taken out has no problem. Since, the new doctor can't do nothing to it. She told me whatever my mother wants to eat, drink and do.. give her everything. She also warned me that mama will become thinner and sooner or later will shout because of pain and numbness she felt.

              Mama is fond of “Albularyo” - a witch doctor especially in rural areas. Psychologically, she thought that what causes her pain is a “da-ut”- done by someone using magical elements. I doubt because i knew everything - medical history. I always believe in these sayings that “Whatever you do to your brethren, it will return back to you” and “You will always reap what you sow!”

              In the past months, i saw my mother even in the midst of pain, who can still walk, went to market with me, sits in front of the house and walk around the subdivisions streets. Now, she lies in bed and we kept on massaging her left leg. She said it feels numb and she can not sleep because of it. So, we massage her leg That we lost track of time and house chores. Adjustments has been made. She only stand up to eat, go to the restroom to pee and change her diaper. She doesn’t want us to change her diaper. …. Until such time, she can't do it anymore.

              What Motivates you?

              motivation, quotes
              Yes, what motivates you? To keep you moving, everyday. Is it your family? Is it for your love ones? But what about those who had no family and had nothing. What motivates them? And what about those people who lived on the streets, who had lived under the bridge? What do you think motivates them?

              It is our love in Gods given-life with faith and hope that things will change regardless of the issues we are facing today.

              It is all in the mind. If we keep on whimpering on how tired we are, how low our salary is, we feel useless, stress and tired! The more we think of it, the more we become stressful

              Just look around you and see the beauty of everyone. If you have a child, then play with your child. Do what you love to do. Relax and have fun by going with the nature. Most of all, be Prayerful and Have Faith in Him.

              Nightclub City on Facebook

              facebook games, nightclub city

              I put on my headset, log on to my Facebook account and click on the game, "Nightclub City". With the music I hear from the game, I am now ready in a blog walked.

              A friend introduced this game two days ago. I even told her, "Naa, i had a lot of games played, already!" Even so, I checked it out to see for myself. Gosh! I can hear music! This is good and uplifting especially if I have things to do here on the net.

              It is easy to create and follow the guidelines. It is like Cafeworld wherein you have to arrange decors. Since, it is a nightclub, you will have to arrange the bars, add chairs, dance floors echetera as you level up. Just open the game and let the dj bartenders do the work for about 20-30 minutes and then click again the music type again.

              For the music, you can choose from Hip Hop, Electronic and Pop.

              Themes and Tips in CafeWorld

              Do you have a Facebook account? If  so, you must have heard about "Cafe World" or you have been playing it for a while. Cafe World is one of the games in the Facebook run by Zynga people. Just an imagination: your cooking dishes, have waiters and most of all create a look or themes in your restaurant.

              Every time you prepare a dish and served it into a counter, you will earn cafe points. What is cafe points? Cafe points is what you need to level up, another term for this is experience points. Every time you level up, you unlocked a dish to cook and decorations. You will earn coins through the dishes you served. If you have enough coins, you can use it by expanding your cafe and buy different decors you like.

              Cafe World is having a contest for the best Ocean theme cafe design. But, I opted to creating different themes in the four walls of my cafe. You'll see the themes below:

              cafe-world, theme