What Motivates you?

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Yes, what motivates you? To keep you moving, everyday. Is it your family? Is it for your love ones? But what about those who had no family and had nothing. What motivates them? And what about those people who lived on the streets, who had lived under the bridge? What do you think motivates them?

It is our love in Gods given-life with faith and hope that things will change regardless of the issues we are facing today.

It is all in the mind. If we keep on whimpering on how tired we are, how low our salary is, we feel useless, stress and tired! The more we think of it, the more we become stressful

Just look around you and see the beauty of everyone. If you have a child, then play with your child. Do what you love to do. Relax and have fun by going with the nature. Most of all, be Prayerful and Have Faith in Him.

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  1. I am motivated by my job without it I would be out on the street.I have God to thank for it.He is the lord of my life and a great motivator.