New Blog Name: A Walk Through My Notebook

I had changed my layout and now I am changing the title of my blog. I am not satisfied with the word as "DIARY". It could be a diary but I want something more to it.

I was searching for quotes on the internet to post in my header when I stumble with Denise Levertov (a British-American Poet) quotes from "A Walk Through A Notebook. I was thinking this is it! I wanted something that describes the ME personally.

As I search further, I found out that there's a blog URL that reads like this - I tried to check it out and found it does not exist, anymore. A gadget website had even posted a thumbnail of the blog but when I click it, it sends me to a seller of laptops and notebooks.

I am checking this because there might be someone else who uses the same blog title or even the url. And thank God, I found none of them. So, I am free to use it now. Well, my blog is not about poetry and can't even write one. If someone asked me why? My answer is like Denise wrote poetry in notebooks about the challenges of life. While I am writing it in a notebook about the challenges of my life. I blog what comes into my mind.

Her poem, "A Walk Through My Notebook", is like an inspiration because we all start writing in a paper and a notebook.

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  1. hello, kaya pala :D a walk through my notebook :D nice one :)

    tsaka made a review about this blog check it out ha, tell me what you think :D