Themes and Tips in CafeWorld

Do you have a Facebook account? If  so, you must have heard about "Cafe World" or you have been playing it for a while. Cafe World is one of the games in the Facebook run by Zynga people. Just an imagination: your cooking dishes, have waiters and most of all create a look or themes in your restaurant.

Every time you prepare a dish and served it into a counter, you will earn cafe points. What is cafe points? Cafe points is what you need to level up, another term for this is experience points. Every time you level up, you unlocked a dish to cook and decorations. You will earn coins through the dishes you served. If you have enough coins, you can use it by expanding your cafe and buy different decors you like.

Cafe World is having a contest for the best Ocean theme cafe design. But, I opted to creating different themes in the four walls of my cafe. You'll see the themes below:

cafe-world, theme

Here's my Ocean theme in a 4 x 4 space. I used my Cafe Cash in buying Jellyfish table that costs 2 cafe cash each, Rocky seafloor for the floor [of course] costs only 1 cafe cash and Watery Kingdom wall for 2 cafe cash each. I bought the other decors in coins such as Kelp divider (that looks like a green ocean grass) and an Aquari-Tube.

cafe-world, theme, facebook-games

My simple Valentine Theme comes in Pink with a cupid on the right;  side stretching his bow towards the lady on his left. I used only the heart divider and choose a lighter pink to showcase the occasion. Should have been red, but I saw only the tables and chairs.

cafe-world, theme, facebook-games
Here's a simple Tiki theme with a Tree Spirits moving around his eyes that adds some spice to the area

cafe-world, theme, Facebook-games

The Spring theme with Spring Egg Lamp, green floors, two 50's chair and 1 Clover Leaf table. I covered the walls with Shamrock wallpaper. Then add Spring flowers and Falling flowers on the wall. The multiple mushrooms and kelp divider were only additions for the greenery.

cafe-world, themes, facebook-games

Not actually a native theme because I included Giant Log Round tables and Log Stump seat and divided the place with an entrance to the cafe. I decor it with a giant Beanstalk as an added attraction.The walls are evidently bamboo poles and wallpaper.

cafe-world, theme, facebook-games

And here's my little Bar with Clover Leaf Beer, Draft beer and choose from the food available in that counter. 


I will share to you some tips and tricks. Perhaps some of you have used it but for others who haven't yet, here it is.


In order to serve the food fast and clean the table fast, you have to trapped the waiters. Yes, you heard it right! Trapped them. Place your waiters in a certain location and surround them with the dish counters. Just like in  this photo, I arranged the dish counter into a square then add two spaces in the middle for the waiters to stay put. They will move around the area and served the customers fasts.

If your cooking, please check how long it will be done because you may overcooked it or flies will hover around it.


My cafe! Take a look! It is arranged in different themes in small spaces. I can not serve a lot of customers for I lack tables and chairs but I am satisfied by the look and arrangement, now.

Come on create and arrange your dreams of a cafe with a tinge of imaginable decors. Hurry, let's level up together!