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Nightclub City on Facebook

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I put on my headset, log on to my Facebook account and click on the game, "Nightclub City". With the music I hear from the game, I am now ready in a blog walked.

A friend introduced this game two days ago. I even told her, "Naa, i had a lot of games played, already!" Even so, I checked it out to see for myself. Gosh! I can hear music! This is good and uplifting especially if I have things to do here on the net.

It is easy to create and follow the guidelines. It is like Cafeworld wherein you have to arrange decors. Since, it is a nightclub, you will have to arrange the bars, add chairs, dance floors echetera as you level up. Just open the game and let the dj bartenders do the work for about 20-30 minutes and then click again the music type again.

For the music, you can choose from Hip Hop, Electronic and Pop.

Themes and Tips in CafeWorld

Do you have a Facebook account? If  so, you must have heard about "Cafe World" or you have been playing it for a while. Cafe World is one of the games in the Facebook run by Zynga people. Just an imagination: your cooking dishes, have waiters and most of all create a look or themes in your restaurant.

Every time you prepare a dish and served it into a counter, you will earn cafe points. What is cafe points? Cafe points is what you need to level up, another term for this is experience points. Every time you level up, you unlocked a dish to cook and decorations. You will earn coins through the dishes you served. If you have enough coins, you can use it by expanding your cafe and buy different decors you like.

Cafe World is having a contest for the best Ocean theme cafe design. But, I opted to creating different themes in the four walls of my cafe. You'll see the themes below:

cafe-world, theme