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Oh, how many times have I changed my template on this blog. Guess, it's three times already! :)  Well, I am always looking for changes to expand, to make it beautiful and simple. The name of this template is Coffee Desk. I found it in BTtemplate website. You will find hundreds  of templates for blog posts and WordPress from that website. And of course, it is free to download.

I am fond of writing in  notebooks, journals and even in calendars. I still kept those notes. It's smelly and a little bit yellowish because of time. (Whispers) It's written in year 2004 that's why it looks rusty. :D   So, I guess, a notebook and a pen with extras like a coffee while writing! That suits fine, isn't!  

I encountered problems on this template when i upload it, (1) all the widgets went into panic. I describe it as a "panicky widgets". It's like the widgets went  berserk, 2 widgets on top (header) posts on the footer and so on. I am glad I download first the (original) Full Template and saved it in my hard disk.  What I did, I restore it to original then copy the html of my widgets into a notepad and delete it from the lay-out. Then save. I  upload again the Coffee Desk html. No "panicky widgets this time because it was deleted. After uploading Coffee Desk html, I add the widgets html, one by one, I saved in one notepad file.
                                                                                                                                                           Problem number  2 showed in every posts or articles. In every post there's a big and red word "UNDEFINED" for the time and date stamp. Whom I gonna call for help? Ghostbusters!! Oh no, not that one! It's Google website! And so, i typed on the google search box, " why undefined showed on my blog posts?". I was so glad I did because I found it! Here's the link , an answer, in case you will have the same problem. This man named spavel is an Official Top Contributor with a star. You will read it when you click that link over there. You can read his contributions but this one answer works for me.
Your template says "Mr. Moto Rising (Ellington style)", but much of the code (including the undefined) is left over from the third-party template. The normal recommendation is to revert the widgets. That will put the date in the post footer and remove the "undefined". While reverting, make sure you click the right link!Below the template editor, click:        Revert widget templates to default               link to the LEFT of the Clear Edits button.
And it works. The word UNDEFINED was gone and replaced by the exact date. But the dates font size is bigger. And look at this original from BTtemplate.  and the DEMO or even the photo above. Spot the difference? That's what I am going to fix next! See ya round!! :)

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